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Diet for losing weight at home: how and why

For most people, a beautiful and slender figure is the result of increased work on oneself, combining physical activity and proper nutrition.

diet for weight loss at home

Diet for losing weight at home

Some mistakenly believe that without a specialist to adjust their diet and begin to lose weight is impossible. However, everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance. It is important to remember some rules.

Visit a doctor before your diet beginsfor weight loss. At home, it is difficult to determine the presence of diseases. If you are completely healthy, you can take note of one of the popular hard short-term power systems. Such, for example, is the buckwheat diet. For slimming at home in just 2 weeks, you need only buckwheat, kefir and plenty of clean water. Porridge with a sour milk drink will need to be eaten three to five times a day. It is no longer allowed to eat anything. At its discretion, the duration of the diet can be reduced to 5-7 days (depending on the desired result), and also introduce herbal teas (of course, without sugar). And of course, it is important to remember about 2 liters of drinking water per day.

diet in the summer for losing weight
Before you start this method of losing weight, remember that it can affect your health. Use this method only in extreme cases.

Another option may be fruit and vegetablediet. In the summer for weight loss, we do not need such willpower as in the cold season, because in hot days, you want much less. On such a diet, you can sit no more than two weeks and apply it only to those who have hemoglobin in the norm. All you need is vegetables in various forms (salads, soups, stews) and raw fruits. Of course, no sweets, greasiness and salinity. Particular attention should be given to the first dishes, consuming 2-3 servings per day. They will fill the stomach, and the feeling of hunger will disappear. In the second week of the diet, a small amount of boiled chicken or fish can be introduced into the diet.

diet for weight loss for a month
Diet for weight loss at home - a phenomenonshort-term, it is not only difficult, but also harmful to sit constantly. Therefore, the ideal solution is to develop an approximate menu for each day, which you will adhere to throughout your life.

Nutritionists recommend to use for breakfastdishes from eggs. They can be as boiled (1-2), and in the form of an omelette. Together with them you need to eat citrus fruits: orange / 2 tangerine / grapefruit. And of course, that for breakfast without a cup of tea (without sugar). You can and need to eat a small slice of black bread. Eggs can be replaced with any porridge, except for semolina.

As a snack before lunch use any raw fruit or vegetable.

For lunch, it is important to eat something protein. You should prefer a variety of low-fat fish or chicken. Cook should be steamed or boiled. As a side dish, you can use buckwheat, stewed vegetables, but in any case not potatoes or pasta.

For a mid-morning snack, eat a product that replenishes the supply of calcium. Yogurt or cottage cheese is a great solution.

Finally, for dinner (which should be held approximately at 19.00-19.30), eat vegetable soup.

This may be your diet for weight loss atmonth. With all the rules and exercises, you can lose about 5-7 kg. Perhaps it is not so much, but without harm to health and for a long time.

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