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Is a cucumber diet effective for rapid weight loss?

According to available data, the cucumber is 95%of water. It is this factor, as a rule, that determines the pivotal role in the fight against excess weight. Indeed, today the cucumber diet for rapid weight loss is relatively popular. However, experts identify several of its variations, each of which has its own shortcomings and advantages. Let's talk in more detail about this food scheme.

Cucumber diet for fast growing thin
general information

Cucumber diet for fast weight loss isa food monovariant that uses only one vegetable. Its duration should not exceed five days. The thing is that with this diet our body is simply unable to regularly receive the required vitamins and trace elements, which are necessary for normal vital activity in general. Absolutely any cucumber diet for rapid weight loss is formed on the following postulates:

  1. In no case should you salt food. The thing is that this product, as already mentioned above, is 95% water, and therefore has an excellent diuretic effect. Salt retains water in the body, therefore, a cucumber diet for rapid weight loss when it is used will not be so effective.
  2. It is allowed to use greens and scented herbs (garlic, onion, basil, etc.) in the diet.
  3. You can eat an unlimited number of cucumbers, since their caloric content is negligible.
  4. Throughout the entire entire power system,described in this article, you should use the largest possible number of almost any available liquid (allowed herbal teas, ordinary still water).

cucumber diet reviews and results
Power Options

Three-day cucumber diet for weight loss. Reviews

This option, as a rule, recommendsthe use of exclusively salad from cucumbers and greens, seasoned with kefir or low-fat sour cream. There must be at least 5 meals a day. After 5 days, weight loss is, according to reviews, about 4 kg.

Diet on cucumbers and eggs

In day it is necessary to eat about 1,5-2 kg of cucumbers and exclusively two (average) boiled eggs. As in the first variant, you should limit yourself to 5 meals.

Cucumber diet slimming reviews

The fastest cucumber diet. Reviews and results

In this case, it is recommended to eat 2 for breakfastmedium-sized cucumber and a relatively small slice of bread. For dinner - the most common salad of cucumbers, the freshest greens + vegetable soup. For dinner - 1 cucumber. This diet has both advantages and significant disadvantages. The main advantage of this nutrition scheme is, first of all, rapid weight loss. So, with any of the above described option, in 3-5 days you can lose 2-4 kg. The greater the initial mass of a person, the more fatty deposits go away. Another advantage is the practically detailed cleansing of the organism from existing slags and toxins. As for the issue of shortcomings, here, as a rule, we are talking about an unbalanced diet, that is, the lack of necessary vitamins. In addition, as you probably already noticed, the diet in any case does not differ its variety, which leads to so-called disruptions.

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