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Bake pancakes with cottage cheese

Stuffed pancakes are very "convenient"dish. Firstly, it can be prepared in advance and frozen, that is, you will always have a "strategic reserve" at hand in case unexpected visitors arrive or there is no time for cooking. And secondly, pancakes, like pies, you can cook with almost any filling. Stuffed pancakes can be snack or dessert, and if stuffed with meat, you get a full dish for lunch or dinner.

Today we will tell you how to prepare pancakes withcottage cheese. The whole process of cooking this dish can be divided into two stages. On the first of them we will cook the pancakes themselves. And on the second - we will prepare the filling and wrap it in pancakes.

For filling, thin pancakes are suitable,prepared from fresh dough. Surely every cook has his own recipe for baking such pancakes. Someone prefers to use yogurt for making dough, someone considers it an obligatory additive to flour starch. Well, for beginners, we will offer a simple recipe for fine pancakes.

Take two glasses of milk, add twoa spoonful of sugar and a third of a teaspoon of salt. Let's put two eggs in the same bowl. All this is mixed with a mixer and we begin to add flour, it will take two glasses. Continuing to mix the dough with a mixer, add three spoons of vegetable oil and half a spoonful of soda, which must be extinguished with vinegar.

The dough is ready, you can start baking pancakes. Their furnace is more convenient in special frying pans with low sides and non-stick coating. Baked pancakes stack a pile on a plate.

Now we need to prepare the filling. It should be noted that pancakes with cottage cheese can be made not only sweet, but also snack bars.

To prepare the salted fillings, let's takehalf a kilo of cottage cheese, mix it with a beaten egg, salt and greens. If the filling is a bit dry, then you can add a little sour cream or mayonnaise. If desired, you can mix cottage cheese with grated cheese in a ratio of two to one.

But still pancakes with cottage cheese are often cooked withsweet filling option. The simplest recipe for its preparation is that the cottage cheese is mixed with whipped eggs and sugar. For half a kilo of cottage cheese you need one egg and about a glass of sugar, however, the last ingredient is better to add to taste. To add flavor to the filling, you can add vanilla sugar, cinnamon or a citrus peel.

Pancakes with cottage cheese are very tasty,if fruit or berries are used as an additive for the filling. For example, you can add raisins or dried apricots to cottage cheese. To do this, dried fruits should be washed and soaked in boiling water to make them softer. Then the raisins are spread on a sieve to make the glass water, and add to the curd mass.

Can be used for filling and fillingfresh berries and fruits. For example, pancakes with cottage cheese and strawberries are very tasty. To make such a delicious filling, mix the cottage cheese with the condensed milk, and cut the strawberries into pieces and gently mix with the curd mass. You can use for the preparation of fillings and other berries or fruits.

So, we have pancakes and stuffing, we startthe process of stuffing. We take one pancake, put a spoonful of stuffing on it and turn it off. Collapse a pancake can be an envelope or a tube, someone like it.

Ready-made pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese, you needfry in a pan with butter, turning over so that the crust is formed from both sides. You can also bake prepared pancakes in the oven, laying them on a greased baking sheet and slightly anointing the top with sour cream.

And you can, with the preparations, quickly cookpancake cake. For this it is more convenient to use a split form, but you can also use a frying pan. We put pancakes into shape, like cakes for cake, sandwiching them with a thin layer of filling. Top our cake with sour cream or butter and send it to the oven. As soon as the top becomes rosy - ready. We extract our "work of art" from the oven and cut it, like cake, into sectors. We serve for tea or coffee.

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