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Overview of the motorcycle BMW R1200R: description, reviews, prices

The motorcycle BMW R1200R belongs to the class of road motorcycles. He is subject to dynamic acceleration with a half-turn, and a measured movement with cruising speed and maximum comfort.

Features of the model

BMW R1200R - an excellent candidate for the role of reliablea companion and a loyal friend. The manufacturer gives its customers ample opportunities for fitting the device "for themselves." It can be customized for both sports mode, both urban and road. And you can leave it virtually unchanged its almost universal nature.

Important and appearance, which has a BMWR1200R. The owners' reviews often eulogize his stylish exterior, in which the recognizable thoroughness of the German motor industry and his attention to detail are felt.

BMW R1200R

Opposition force

When the concern "Harley-Davidson" put on its ownmotorcycle is the first V-twin, the world seems to be obsessed with engines of this type. Both the Japanese and the American motor industry immediately started building their versions of V-shaped engines. And only BMW keeps fidelity to the opposition, equipping them with civil transport, and even motorcycles that are in service in the army and police. And, I must say, it brought only the advantages of German motorcycles.

The BMW R1200R is equipped with an opposing motor for 1200"cubes". A powerful iron heart is not masked by the skin and appears before admiring gazes in all its glory. It gives out 109 liters. from. and 115 Nm. Thanks to him, a motorcycle can accelerate to 200 or more km / h. With an impressive weight of 223 kilograms and a huge engine power, the BMW R1200R consumes fuel quite economically. Reviews of the owners say that the consumption usually does not exceed 6-7 liters. Of course, in many respects it depends on the style of riding.

The engine of the R1200R does not break off from the bottom asthis could be seen in the predecessors. Thanks to this, when gasping on the spot, the bike does not throw so much aside. The torque has grown noticeably and is spreading over the operating range smoothly. For use in the city it is very convenient, because you can switch gears less often.

motorcycle bmw price

In the basic configuration, two operating modes are availableengine - rain and road. In addition, the motorcycle is equipped with ABS and ASC, which works in favor of improving driving safety.

This motorcycle BMW, whose price varies between 18-20 thousand dollars, today you can buy from official representatives. In the secondary market, the cost starts from 13 thousand.


  • The motorcycle is equipped with a progressive front suspension Telelever, which easily copes with all the roughness of the road.
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 19 liters.
  • The maximum permissible weight is 450 kg.
  • Gearbox - 6-speed.
  • Cooling of the motor is air-liquid.
  • Front wheel: spoke, 120/70 ZR17.
  • Rear wheel: spoke, 180/55 ZR17.

 bmw r1200r owner reviews

The new R1200R frame is a tandem of twosubframes, fixed on the bearing element - the engine. The rear console suspension Paralever is traditional for the products of this manufacturer, but this model is not fixed to the right, as usual, but to the left. In the form of an additional option is available system of electronic tuning of the suspension Dynamic ESA. It adjusts to the driving conditions automatically, depending on the maneuvers and driving style.

Features for tuning

BMW produces a huge number of additionalaccessories and motor-parts for this model. Among them, an important role is assigned to active and passive safety systems. For example, install an integral anti-lock braking system (ABS Integral) on the bike, stability stabilization system (ASC), crankcase protection. Also popular are upgrading activities that increase comfort: electronic suspension control system (ESA II), lightweight sports titanium muffler Akrapovića, high windshield, chrome cylinder head covers.

You can fork out and a very useful option Riding Pro, giving the opportunity to get a traction control DTC, equipped with a tilt sensor.

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