/ How to draw Lady Bug with a pencil?

How to draw Lady Bug with a pencil?

"Lady Bag" is a cartoon that you likemodern little princesses. It's a fascinating story about how an ordinary girl who lives an ordinary life has unique abilities. But this she very carefully hides from others. In order to understand and know how to draw Lady Bug and Super Cat using an ordinary pencil, we will get acquainted with the general information about these characters.

how to draw lady bug and super cat

The Life of Lady Bug

For all those around her, she's just a girl wholoves to walk with friends, go to parties, watching himself and the fashion. She likes a boy from her class called Adrian. But the problem is that he simply does not notice it. Marinette just mleet from his eyes alone. She studies in an ordinary school in Paris. Her abilities are that as soon as someone is in danger or he gets into an unpleasant situation, she instantly turns into Lady Bag. Residents are aware of its existence, but no one knows who is hiding under the mask. She has a very good and close friend named Alya, but even she is not aware of the fact that Marinet is elected.

how to draw lady bug in stages

In addition to the Lady Bagh, the city is also guarding the Supercoat. Who does not actually know others, but he always finds himself in the place where his help is simply necessary. Parisians are always in trouble, they hope that they will be helped by a superhero. These selected heroes made friends, but each of them has their secrets, which they are not in a hurry to open to each other. The intrigue is, what will happen when superheroes learn the most intimate secrets of each other?

How to draw Lady Bag with a pencil? Girls like to not only watch cartoons with their favorite characters, but also draw in coloring, and also create images on paper. Therefore, many are interested in how to draw Lady Bagh in pencil. If you know the sequence, then it will be easy, even if you do not have a unique drawing talent.

We draw with a pencil ...

How to draw Lady Bug step by step? An approximate algorithm of actions will help to create a completely unique and unique image of a superhero that will resemble a character of a famous cartoon.

  1. It starts with a bang.
  2. After that, we add strands of hair and outline the shape of the face. The image is already traced.
  3. Then, on the face in the eye area, draw a mask. After all Lady Bug is constantly hiding under a special mask.
  4. When the eye area is already defined, you can start drawing eyes.
  5. We represent the nose and lips.

how to draw lady bug

The head is already ready. Next, it is necessary to determine the position in which the superheroine will be depicted, if you want to draw it in full growth. She can just stand or sit, or you can portray her in one of the poses of a superhero. If you chose the option how to draw Lady Bug in full growth, then proceed to delineate the main lines of the body. It needs to be done by thin solid lines, since this is not the final option. Do not forget to note the folding of the limbs. After this, you can begin to outline the silhouette of the body.

The final stage of creating an image

Here's the picture is almost ready, but something is missing ...Draw circles around the entire body area and mask. If the drawing you have will be black and white, then just paint it later with their black color. If desired, you can color it with colored pencils or gouache.

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