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Newby tea: customer reviews

One of the ancient and still popular andfavorite drinks, which people use, is tea. The culture of tea drinking has more than one century. The tea ceremony has its own rituals and traditions. Especially important is tea drinking in countries where tea is grown. In Europe, the traditions of drinking tea were formed thanks to the inhabitants of the Foggy Albion. It was the English that first came to mind to mix different types of tea and form a modern tea ceremony, with its rules and actions.

How tea grows

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The first harvest on tea plantations beginscollect in the spring, and continues collecting until the summer. During this period tea leaves appear a little, so they are highly appreciated. The second harvest yields the most abundant result, while the quality of the sheet remains also at a high level. Important: tea is accepted only by women. It is believed that the female fingers will not spoil the flavor of the drink.

A tea plant in the wild can grow to 20meters. The cultural option is not allowed to exceed the height of 2 meters. The bushes are cut to stimulate the growth of shoots. The company "Newby" for all of its brands uses the leaves of the first two collections. From the bushes break off the upper shoots, which are called flush. Leaves are dried and twisted. The raw material collected in the summer is considered the best. It produces tea, which has a powerful energy charge. It is his most intense aroma, color and unsurpassed taste characteristics.

Features of tea production

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Newby for the production of his tea usesThe raw materials grown on the plantations of Southeast Asia: in India, China and Sri Lanka. In these favorable areas, spring comes 4 times a year. And nature itself created conditions for the growth of tea bushes. Thanks to the moist, saturated warm air, the tea tree, or as it is called - the Chinese camellia, is covered with dense, green leaves. Controlling the quality of raw materials in accordance with accepted standards occurs at all production cycles.

Newby tea tasters test several thousandSorts of collected tea leaves to choose and select the best. The process of receipt of the harvested crop and its processing are worked out in detail. And the time when the leaves fall from the plantations to the factory, is no longer than 20 days. In order not to mix aromas, separate rooms are used to store tea varieties, strict control of humidity is carried out.

Tea company for the production of its productsfocuses only on quality raw materials. Control is carried out at all stages - from cultivation, harvesting and packaging. The author's design of the package is designed in such a way as to preserve the quality of the sheet, its smell and taste. Blending only elite harvest, collected on different tea plantations, allows to obtain tea of ​​excellent quality.

Types of packaging

  • Tea Newby black Assam leaf is first packaged in sealed bags, and then stacked in tin cans and in packs of cardboard.
  • In the tin cans, the leaves are distinguished, having differences in color and appearance.
  • Packaged in bags, the leaves are also placed in foil envelopes.

Packaging Newby (tea) has a recognizable design and a window that allows you to see the leaves inside the pack, and mica blocks the effect of light.

The company produces flavored black teas,Green, as well as herbal and rooibos. Compositions in which aromas are added are made from natural ingredients: herbs, essential oils, fruits, berries and fruits.

The history of supplementing tea with different flavors

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Aromatization of tea is the enhancement of its smell andfilling with new shades, adding vitamins and expanding tea options. Non-traditional and daring combinations of tea leaves and additives were created from ancient times. In China, to strengthen the taste in the beverage added dates, ginger, mint or bay leaf.

Classics of Chinese tea art is consideredwarming the leaves of tea with flowers. Brewed in such a way tea from the flowers of roses or jasmine was an exclusive drink and it was allowed to use only people from the upper class. The most refined was the method of making tea - this was placing tea leaves inside the flower, then the petals were tied with a string and dried.

Modern production of flavoreddrinks - the preservation of old traditions and their new development. The best teas are obtained on the basis of quality selected types of tea leaves and supplemented with natural smells. Thanks to additives, tea is enriched and acquires new and amazing tastes.

Variety of tastes of tea production

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Newby-tea is a line of English tea that distinguishes from other brands a rich range of tastes. Teas are represented by the following brands:

  • "Assam" - strong, with a taste of malt, a tart drink that has orange or red infusion. It seems to have been created in order to add sugar, cream, milk, lemon to it.
  • "Ceylon" - has a fresh aroma and citrus notes.
  • "Earl Gray" - consisting of a mixture of tea varieties, which has a light infusion and the smell of bergamot.
  • "Indian breakfast" - with a rich ruby ​​tint. This tea experts refer to the most harmonious tea.

Using high-quality Newby-tea, you can improvetone and strengthen health. Tea adjusts the soul to a sublime harmony, inspires, pleases and inspires. Helps to reveal the creative sides of the personality and add harmony and peace to everyday life.

Newby (tea): customer reviews

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Customer Reviews of Different Age Categoriesare consonant - this tea is very soft, flaccid and has excellent taste qualities. Even if it remains in the cup and becomes stronger, the viscosity in the mouth is not felt. Also, users note that after the brewed tea bag there are no dark stains on the cup, there is no sediment and plaque. Newby-tea is black, as consumers say, for an average buyer is expensive. But it's worth it, especially when you try and feel all the splendor and aroma of the drink. Newby is really considered a standard of quality and great taste.

The company "Newby" is not only engaged in the production of tea, its task is to preserve and keep the tea heritage at its height.

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