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Technical characteristics of the tractor T-25 (photo)

Old, but reliable tractors T-25 successfullycoping with agricultural work for 50 years and ready to give odds to many modern representatives of agricultural machinery. The possibility of installing various attachments causes their versatility and partly popularity.

technical characteristics of tractor t 25
Dimensions and technical characteristics of the tractorT-25 allows it to plow light soils, cultivate crops, transport small loads and work with various types of attachments.

Tractor construction

The copies of the T-25 series are universalwheel tractors with a load class of 0.6 and with a drive to the rear wheels. Agricultural equipment is equipped with a four-stroke two-cylinder diesel unit with air cooling. The mechanical gearbox of the reversible type has the possibility of mounting the automatic coupler and the rear power take-off shaft. To disclose the technical characteristics of the T-25 tractor, it is necessary to describe each mechanism. Now we turn to the cabin.

tractor t 25 specifications
The tractor cab, depending on the modification,can be represented by a conventional frame structure, a safety cage or a tent. Any type of it is single, two-door and quite comfortable for long work. The presence of heating and light devices and an effective noise isolation system favorably distinguishes technology. Airing of the cabin is possible in a natural way and with the help of a filtration unit. The ability to adjust the steering column only increases the comfort level when operating the tractor.

Main technical characteristics

A wide range of tasks that can be solved with the help of this agricultural machinery, determine the technical characteristics of the T-25 tractor:

  • maximum working power - 20 horsepower, or 14.6 kW;
  • Specific fuel consumption - 223 g / kW * h, or 164 g / hp * h;
  • total weight of the model - 2020 kg;
  • number of front and rear gears - 6;
  • speed of movement - 25 km / h;
  • pulling force - 800 kg;
  • carrying capacity - 600 kg.

The characteristics of the tractor depend on the model and the year of manufacture of the equipment. All representatives of the line are equipped with diesel unit D21 or its modification D21A1.

Engine characteristics

The first models of tractors (1966)were equipped with diesel power plants D21. It's almost impossible to meet such motors. The most widespread engine was D21A1.

Lubrication system with automatic controlthermal regime - a distinctive feature of the new generation of motors installed on the tractor T-25. The technical characteristics of the engine D21A1 were significantly different from the previous engines.

tractor t 25 specifications
High durability of diesel enginewas provided with a four-stage air purification system. Atmospheric air was sucked into the cylinders through two filtering, one dry-inertial and wet-contact plants. Fuel, before it got into the engine, passed through the filters of coarse and fine cleaning.


The basis of the tractor transmission system is12-band reversible manual transmission. A distinctive feature of MKPP is the presence of two slowed-down gears for moving forward. Coupling model - single-disk, closed, constant type.

tractor t 25 specifications tank size
In the rear part, a selection shaftpower, which significantly increased the technical characteristics of the tractor T-25. Moreover, all modifications were equipped exclusively with a separate-unit hydraulic design with an independent drive of the hydraulic pump. The rear axle was equipped with a differential, which significantly increased the patency of technology on heavy ground.

Features of the chassis

Suspension of agricultural machinery is made of hardenedsteel, is characterized by increased wear resistance and high strength. The basis of the running gear is the front and rear axles. The front axle consists of pivoting cams with axles, rods, front wheel hubs and levers of the steering mechanism in the form of a trapezoid, as well as a rocker. The last element is made of high-grade steel, in middle part has tides with pressed bushings. The taut front axle rests against the fastening of the half-frame.

technical and tractor characteristics t 25 photos

Would not have a tractor T-25 technicalthe characteristics of patency are so high, if not for the leading rear wheels, which are more than other elements worthy of attention. Their basis is a disk of steel with a profiled rim and stamping. The tread pattern of the tire is designed in such a way that it is self-cleaning during operation and increased grip of the wheels with the surface.


Production was established in 1966 ona tractor plant in Kharkov. At that time, the T-25 tractor had rather high performance, the technical characteristics of which could not but rejoice. This led to the demand and further development of technology. Later, the copies were produced at the Vladimir Tractor Plant. It was there that the main modifications were designed. T-25A1 became the main modified model. The basic equipment was practically the same as its prototype. The exception was only the engine, which now produced 25 horsepower (18.3 kW).

The copies of the T-25A2 differed in a modified formThe cab, which was now equipped with a tent. Obviously, this model was used to work in warm regions of the country. The T-25A3 tractor was distinguished by the presence of a safety cage that increased the longitudinal stiffness of the body and was supposed to provide the driver's life space in the event of an accident.

Analogues in Russia and in the world

Model T-30A8 - the main analogue of agricultural machinery,which confidently superseded and expels the T-25 tractor from the market. Technical specifications, tank size, all-wheel drive layout, more powerful engine and improved steering allowed the T-30A8 to occupy a certain niche in agriculture.

technical and tractor characteristics t 25 photos

Another analogue of the tractor is called an instanceT30-69, which does not stand out from the representative described by us. Foreign analogs can be called Chinese mini tractors FT-254 and FT-254, Fengshou FS 240. In addition to increased reliability and the availability of more modern units and units, these models are practically the same as the domestic T-25.

In conclusion, it should be said that the indicatorstechnical, and the characteristics of the T-25 tractor, the photo of which is presented in the article, make it a universal assistant for performing any agricultural work, as well as for solving tasks of transporting materials, cleaning the territory and performing construction work. Quite high characteristics of this technology provided its stable demand in the market.

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