/ / "Toyota Highlander": technical specifications, interior, design and price

"Toyota Highlander": technical specifications, interior, design and price

Off-road car «Toyota Highlander»,despite its Japanese origin, is in great demand not on the domestic, but in the American market. By the way, such a paradox in the country of the rising sun is observed not for the first time. You can give a lot of examples, as the Japanese are developing their cars specifically for the US market. But we will not interfere with these details, but we will proceed to the SUV "Toyota Highlander".

highland technical specifications

Technical characteristics and characteristic designThis car is well known to Americans since 2002. It was then that the first generation of these cars came off the assembly line. But unexpectedly after 5 years of successful sales, the company's management decided to close the production of this model. After some time, in 2008, a new "Toyota Highlander" (second generation) appeared. This time, the developers decided not to limit themselves to the American market and decided to supply cars to Eastern Europe. After 2 years the novelty was officially supplied to Russia, which means that it can be purchased not through "black dealers".

Externally, the car has many similar partswith a younger "sister" called "Camry". In fact, the second generation of SUVs was designed on its basis. From here it becomes clear why the car has almost the same grille and slanting lights, as in the "donor". But despite the small plagiarism, in the design of the SUV you can trace unique, purely masculine features. This is indicated by a massive bumper with chrome inlays and "guns" of fogs. The angle of the windshield was slightly reduced. So the developers managed not only to give the car a sporty look, but also to reduce aerodynamic resistance. The high ground clearance and the swift slope of the front of the car seem to say: "I'm ready to conquer any obstacles." Looking at the external appearance of the car, you just do not notice that it's a crossover, and even more so because it was taken by the Camry passenger car. Designers really deserve praise - they managed to make an urban all-wheel drive a true all-wheel drive SUV.

new toyota highlander

Toyota Highlander: specifications

Under the hood of the novelty is a powerfulsix-cylinder petrol unit for 3.5 liters, which, surprisingly, was also borrowed from the "Camry". He has 273 horsepower, which can accelerate the car to 180 kilometers per hour. Yeah, the "Toyota Highlander" specifications are not at all light, which can not be said about fuel consumption. On average, the machine spends about 10-13 liters of gasoline per hundred.

toyota highlander in moscow

Prices for Toyota's "Highlander"

Technical characteristics, as we have already seen,in combination with the design really make you pay attention to the novelty. And the price for it is quite acceptable in comparison with German and Korean counterparts and is about 1 million 690 thousand in the base and 1 million 975 thousand rubles in the maximum configuration. This is how much Toyota Toyota will cost in Moscow from an official dealer.

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