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When is the Day of the furniture maker celebrated and what is it?

A few decades ago, VladimirMayakovsky wrote: "All professions are important, all professions are needed" - and this statement remains in force to this day. However, in this article, I would like to draw special attention to the specialists whom we are most indebted to for the comfort and comfort of our homes, apartments, offices, dachas and other premises. Naturally, we are talking about furniture makers, and if you have

When the day of the furniture maker
there are friends, acquaintances or relatives,working in this area, then you need to know when the day of the furniture maker to congratulate them and once again to thank for the products, without which we today do not even represent our life.

Just think about how people would live and work,if there were no furniture. It is she who turns concrete boxes into stylish offices, chic houses and cozy apartments. Every day in furniture stores there are more and more new cases, armchairs, sofas, dining tables, beds, stools and many other items. However, when buying a sofa or an armchair, we usually do not think how many people have made their efforts in order that today we have the opportunity to purchase

Day of the furniture maker
all these necessary and convenient items, not to mentionalready about to think about when the Day of the furniture maker. And in fact, they do not work so little on the details of the interior, beginning with designers and ending with working collectors. Thanks to all the employees of the furniture industry, we get not only a comfortable and functional, but also a beautiful, eye-pleasing furniture.

But, despite the fact that no one in ourthe country today does not represent its life without furniture, statesmen have not singled out in the calendar the Day of the furniture maker. Perhaps soon it will change, and everyone will be aware of this holiday, but so far representatives of the furniture industry had to independently find a way out of this situation. Unofficially, this holiday exists, however, when the Day of the furniture maker, only the furniture makers and people close to them know.

We have this holiday on the second SundayJune, thanks to which the event can be held in a forest glade with a shish kebab and interesting conversations. On this day, all specialists working in this industry congratulate each other and wait for congratulations from friends, relatives and friends, and heads of furniture

Day of the furniture maker 2013
companies organize corporatecollective. This holiday appeared about 10 years ago and has already caught a glimpse of the masters of this industry. And if even 5 years ago, even the experts themselves did not know when the Day of the furniture maker and whether there is any at all, today most of them are happy to celebrate their professional holiday.

It can also happen that the widethe distribution of this holiday will serve as an occasion for recognizing the importance of the role of people in this profession for society, and at the same time the occasion for the appearance of the official day of our builders of comfort. Indeed, the Day of the furniture maker-2013 has already been celebrated almost all, both large and small companies that manufacture furnishings for the home or office. In addition, close people of furniture makers actively congratulated representatives of this industry and gladly gave them gifts, and also arranged holidays.

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