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Tractor "K-700": specifications, engine, price and reviews

The Great Patriotic War ended, howeverSoviet agriculture was inflicted enormous damage. To restore it, the Soviet government and the whole people needed a lot of money and a huge amount of forces. Closer to the end of the war, the equipment evacuated from there began to return to the territory. Experienced agronomists began to work on the liberated lands. In the first post-war years, they began to develop and introduce new technologies, and some of them found application in the agrarian sphere.


The country was technically rearmed. As a result, a new representative of the fifth class of traction technology appeared. It was a tractor "Kirovets K-700", the technical characteristics of which were much higher than all the equipment that was at that time for the farmers.

It all began as follows. The Communist Party placed a serious task before the engineers. It was necessary to produce in the shortest possible time a machine that would help raise the agricultural sector.

to 700 specifications

Specialists worked hard, and the first copy came off the assembly line in less than a year. On the street was July 1962.

On the factory radio announcer said that in the wallsshops collected a real hero. And these were not empty words. The machine had the right to be called that way. Weight of the tractor was 11 tons, and length - 7 meters. They began to admire him, and those who did it were very proud of their work.

New stage of tractor construction

This newest tractor "K-700", technicalwhose characteristics later helped to bring the agrarian sector of a large country out of a deep crisis, increased the speed of accomplishing all tasks in this industry by more than 3 times.

John Derre

This is the name of the machine that isprototype of the Soviet hero. In 1959, General Secretary Khrushchev was on a business trip to the United States. He was very impressed by the opportunities that John Derre possessed. And when he returned home, he ordered that at the Kirov factory that he was in Leningrad, they built a tractor that would have enormous power and high speed.

Existing then DT-54 significantly lost"K-700", the technical characteristics of which seemed at that time fantastic. DT-54 could not even drive on roads, and the speed of their movement was incredibly low.

Powerful and productive

The power and speed capabilities of this "hero" surpassed not only Soviet tractors, but all existing analogues in the world.

tractor to 700 specifications

And even John Derre lost to the Russian hero. By the technologies that Soviet engineers were able to implement in the construction of the tractor, the whole of Europe and America lost in this championship of the USSR for 30 years.

At the exhibition

At the exhibition, which was held in Germany,"K-700" received the gold medal. Technical characteristics and unique design amazed its founders. Then, in 1969, the same tractor became one of the most powerful in France, where a salon-exhibition of machinery for agriculture was held.


The tractor "K-700", technical characteristics of which were considered unique, had no analogues, quickly began to gain popularity. And it happened almost in one moment.

Directly from the plant, the first model was put on the fields for passing the test drive. The car surpassed all expectations. It was quickly put on stream.

In 1964 1200 cars were built, in 1966 - three times more. Every year the number of tractors grew rapidly. In the jubilee, 1975, the year the producers released the 100th copy. Five years later released a hundred-thousandth model. In 1987, production achieved a world record. So, for this year was issued 23 003 cars.

In 1971, the light saw the modification of the popular tractor. This is "K700 A". Among the differences from the "K700" - the technical specifications at a higher level and the engine at 230 liters. from. Also, the design was changed.

In the early 90's these machines worked on more than40% of all work on agriculture in the whole of the USSR. Due to its characteristics, the technique was operated every day throughout the year without days off and lunch breaks. They used it for sowing, and during harvesting, and also the tractor was used as a transport. It is a reliable, unpretentious, maintainable, efficient machine that is prepared for difficult conditions.

Description and technical characteristics of tractors "K-700"

So, it had a length of 7,235 mm, a width of 2,530 mm, and a machine height of 325 mm.

to 700 kirovets specifications
The hero was weighing exactly 11 tons. As the power unit used 8-cylinder diesel YaMZ with a capacity of 220 horses. At that time it was just incredible. Reviews say that this motor was one of the most reliable for tractors of the time. Separately, it was possible to order the pre-heating installation.

Reviews also note that this model hassome features. This is a special "breaking frame". It is two separate parts that are connected to each other by means of hinges. This allowed the car to purchase some advantages that made cross-country traffic more efficient. Any obstacles to the "K700", the technical characteristics of which we are now considering, were overcome without any load. The owners said that if we compare this model with any other tractor, the Kirovets had the highest passability, and its maneuverability was simply fantastic.


The eight-cylinder unit was installed onfront of the machine on special shock absorbers. The support for him was only three. The plant was characterized by a dry, combined two-stage air purification system.

The fuel system included a full set of filters, a hand pump for fuel pumping, a high-pressure pump, injectors and additional fuel tanks.

The engine was distinguished by its own closed systemcooling. It was distinguished by the presence of a compensation circuit and forced circulation of the coolant. The preheating system significantly helped. Reviews say that even in the 40-degree frost it was possible to easily launch the "K-700 Kirovets". The technical characteristics of other machines did not allow to work in great frosts.


The transmission allowed the operator to use 16 gears. It could work in four modes.

description and technical characteristics of tractors to 700

So, one transmission is one mode. The gears were switched by means of hydraulics, but the switching of the operating modes worked according to the friction technology.


The model was equipped with this system.It was hydraulic, three-post. The system could carry equipment with a weight of up to 2 tons. Traction characteristics of the tractor could reach more than 5 tons. The trailer is made in the form of a trailing bracket. Due to the fact that the technical characteristics of the "K700" made it easy to adapt it to a very wide range of agricultural machinery, the area of ​​its use was unusually wide. For example, in arable work its speed often reached 10 km / h.

Comfort and cabin

Designers have allocated a lot of time to create comfortable working conditions for the operator.

tractor to 700 engine specifications price

The cabin was completely sealed, from a singlemetal. It was supplied with a heater and fans. The chair was sprung. And the tractor driver could carry out the installation of attachments independently.

K-700 Kirovets - technical specifications

At first, YaMZ-228NM was selected as the engine, which capacity was 230 liters. from.

technical characteristics к700

The tank for diesel fuel allowed to hold 450l. The model could pick up speed up to 33.8 km / h when driving forward. The reverse speed was up to 24.3 km / h. The clearance was 440 mm. The rate of fuel consumption is 266 g / kW / h.

Cost and analogy

You can buy it now.So, the new one can not be bought any more, but the price for a working tractor "K-700", depending on the year of manufacture, is from 1.5 million for a car until 2010, or up to 900 thousand for a model up to the year 2000 of release.

So, now we know what tractor "K-700" has technical characteristics, engine. The price, as you can see, is high. However, it is worth its money.

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