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Non-carbohydrate diet - menu for a week for slimming on time

What to do if looking in the mirror you no longerrejoice in the perfect forms of the waist and hips, and the reflection only causes a sigh of regret - fat deposits can not be ignored. In this situation, usually resort to diets, believing that cutting the diet will necessarily lead to the disappearance of excess kilograms.

However, there are thousands of diets and there is not oneuniversal, otherwise there would simply not be full people. In a number of diet plans, a carbohydrate diet is especially different. The menu for a week in such a diet involves a sharp reduction in carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta, cereals, sweets, even fruits and some vegetables.

non-carbohydrate diet menu for the week

Unless there can be a diet without vegetables, can thinkanyone who switched to a low-calorie diet. After all, diet for weight loss usually involves fewer calories, but vegetables and fruits are welcome. However, in this case there is no mistake - it is a carbohydrate diet for weight loss. The menu for those who want to try this method is simple: it consists only of protein products - meat, poultry, cottage cheese, egg protein, fish - with a small addition of low-calorie carbohydrates with lots of fiber.

That is, carbohydrates are actually present indiet, but in a very, very limited amount. If the full-value diet suggests the intake of protein-fat-carbohydrates in the proportion of 1-1-4, then another requires a non-carbohydrate diet: the menu for a week is built at the rate of 3-1-1. The amount of protein food can take 60-70-80 percent of the diet, and the intake of carbohydrates is sometimes cut to 20.

carbohydrate diet slimming menu

Nutritionists have developed different types oflow-carbohydrate diets, among them, for example, the Atkins diet and the Kremlin's carbohydrate diet are widely known, menus for the week are considered the most restrictive in restricting carbohydrates. But the variety is actually much broader.

For those who want to lose weight, all newplans, the basis of which is a carbohydrate diet. The menu for a week is scrupulously calculated for the percentage of protein and carbohydrates in it. Reducing the carbohydrate foods to a minimum causes the body to burn fats, while the muscles are preserved due to much more proteins.

This is the advantage of protein nutrition whenfast weight loss. If you analyze the diet restrictions for other products, weight loss often occurs only due to muscle mass, while making the body spend excess fat is very difficult.

carbohydrate diet menu drying

That's why for girls who want to give the bodybeautiful muscular relief, it is recommended that a carbohydrate diet is recommended. The "drying" menu means that the diet contains mostly easily digestible proteins, and carbohydrates - in the form of fiber: vegetables, unsweetened berries. When you need to quickly get in shape to demonstrate the ideal muscles of the press on a flat stomach, then this kind of diet, coupled with exercises helps quickly remove the fat layer under the skin. Other diets in this case are useless.

However, it must be remembered that anyrestrictive diet can only be observed for a short time. When the goal is achieved in order to preserve the result, it is important to switch to the right, balanced, nutritious diet and be sure to do physical exercises.

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