/ When is the Day of the kindergarten teacher? Now let's clarify!

When is the Day of the kindergarten teacher? Now let's clarify!

Everyone knows such a holiday as Teacher's Day. He is very honored by all those who have already graduated from school, and those who are still studying. And the profession of a teacher is considered respected and very necessary, because thanks to its representatives, we all grow up to be educated and socialized people. The teacher's duties include not only providing knowledge about the world, but also a very important matter - the formation of the characters of children.

when the day of the kindergarten teacher
And responsibility is also very important in this profession.large. But for some reason, many forget that the same duties are honestly and conscientiously performed by representatives of another specialty. We are talking about kindergarten workers. They lay the foundation of the future personality at the tenderest age. And, unfortunately, very few people know when the Day of the kindergarten teacher.


Preschool years are an important period in lifechild. And the task of kindergartens is just to prepare the kids for a more "adult" school life. Before the child reached the preschool, he often communicated only with his mother and other relatives. And about what a collective, communication with peers, had a very vague idea. And it is in the garden that he is helped to get used to a large number of people, discipline, and also learn the skills of communicating with other children. Therefore, it is very useful to know when the Day of the kindergarten teacher is, as well as to congratulate employees of preschool institutions.

The solemn day

And such a holiday exists in the Russiancalendar. It is relatively new, has appeared in recent years. When is the Day of the kindergarten teacher celebrated in our country? This date was set to be celebrated in one of the last September days. And specifically the 27th. The initiators of this professional holiday were several children's publications that wanted to draw public attention to the problems of preschool education. It was first celebrated in 2004, and although it was not organized at the state level, in a few years it was celebrated in practically all regions and federal districts of the country.

day kindergarten teacher script
What is happening now, when Teacher's Daya kindergarten became an official holiday? The major cities, as well as on TV channels, hold thematic events, concerts and programs. But in addition to such a respectful gesture, there are holidays in every kindergarten. Particularly grateful parents even prepare for the Day of the kindergarten teacher a script of the holiday with concerts or performances, which pupils play for their teachers.

For example, a kindergarten room is issueddecorations, which parents will do, and the kids will show a fairy tale. For example, "Kolobok". Suits for kids need to be ordered in advance from the tailor, or each parent for his child will do himself. Also babies can, for example, show the dance of small ducklings. An excellent end of this holiday will be the delivery of flowers. Kids themselves will approach the educator and give him a bouquet. Such a congratulation will be very pleasant for employees of preschool institutions, because it proves that their work is bearing fruit.

Day of kindergarten teacher: congratulations

But besides this, you can also congratulate dear oneseducators. Employees of pre-school establishments will certainly be pleased to receive a bouquet of flowers from pupils, candies, and a bottle of perfume as a gift from their parents. In addition, it is possible to present a bottle of good wine to an expensive teacher. A pleasant surprise from the kids will be their drawings, on which they will depict both themselves and their teacher.

day kindergarten teacher congratulations
Remember that any gift should be from the heart as a gratitude for the kindness of the educator, patience and gentle, attentive attitude towards children.

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