/ Tips for young parents. Why is it worthwhile to introduce medals for a kindergarten graduate?

Advice to young parents. Why is it worthwhile to introduce medals for a kindergarten graduate?

For some reason, special awards onlygraduates of schools and higher educational institutions. But the end of the kindergarten is no less significant event, and by the standards of the child, perhaps even more important. After all, this is his first such experience, and therefore it would be very sensible to give him a special trophy in memory of this moment.

In particular, why not introduce beautifulmedals for the kindergarten graduate? Agree, such a gift will not be rejected by any kid, especially on such a significant day. However, how difficult is it to create such a system of trophies?

Medal for a graduate of a kindergarten

All in the hands of parents

To begin with, the management of children'sIn most cases, the garden will gladly support such an initiative. That only needs to understand one thing - all the expenses will have to be borne by the parents. And therefore the first thing you need to discuss this idea with the rest of the popes and moms.

Perhaps not everyone will accept such an offer with a cheer,because in some families, saving is in the foreground. Therefore, it will be necessary to give weighty arguments as to why it is necessary to introduce medals for the graduate of a kindergarten.

Three weighty arguments

So, you can argue for a long time about why this is necessary. But to put everything in its place will help the following arguments:

  1. This will not entail great costs, especially if you know where you can order medals for a kindergarten graduate.
  2. This will give the child a fountain of positive emotions, which should be important for parents.
  3. And finally, such a trophy on the wall will motivate the child to further educational achievements.

Format of medals

After everyone agrees to this idea, you needwill discuss the appearance of gifts. After all, the usual fake of cardboard is suitable, while others will want a full-fledged decoration made of metal. Therefore, at the round table it will be necessary to hold serious negotiations, on which all these details will be clarified.

Nominal medals for kindergarten graduates

For example, it will be possible to make personal medals forgraduates of kindergarten, in order to inspire children even more. Or you can order decorations of different colors, so that for boys they are blue, and for girls - red.

Where to get medals for a kindergarten graduate?

If the parent committee decides to dounpretentious decorations, for example from cardboard, then you can realize this idea on your own. To do this, only have to allocate one or two free evenings, in order to cut and glue all the details.

For the manufacture of more complex medals, you canTo look in the city for the artisan who will undertake for similar order. The downside is that this option will cost much more than the previous one. However, such trophies will look more beautiful than cardboard ones.

But it will be best to buy medals inspecialized store. True, such establishments are rather rare, especially in small towns. And yet, do not forget that now the XXI century, and many goods can be ordered through the Internet.

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