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How to make a portfolio of a kindergarten teacher

Why and who might need a kindergarten teacher's portfolio? To get an answer to this question, and also learn how to properly draw this document,

portfolio of kindergarten teacher
let's find out what it is all about. So, the portfolio is used to assess the professional development of teachers and has several options for writing. But the form can be developed by the educator himself, there are no clear requirements for registration. In modern institutions this document is already included in the mandatory list, that is, every teacher of the kindergarten should have it. Simply put, this is a collection of teacher's works for a certain period of time.

The main goals of the portfolio of the child's teachergarden can be: the systematization of their experience, the definition of the direction of development, including self-education, assistance in attaining certification for the qualification category.

Another portfolio can be used forconducting a qualitative comprehensive analysis of the activities of the entire teaching staff. The educator in it monitors the effectiveness of its work, assesses its activities,

sample of kindergarten teacher's portfolio
educational and educational process.

Considering a sample of the teacher's portfoliokindergarten, you can pay attention to several rules that are better to observe when compiling. So, before proceeding, the teacher must collect all documents and materials, make a list and place them according to this list. To ensure that all documents have dates, posts, titles of authors and reviewers were indicated. It is necessary to watch, that the portfolio is regularly replenished with the necessary documents. When using any information, do not forget to specify sources.

Since the design of the portfolio of the child's educatorgarden can cause some difficulties for those who have never done this and have not seen possible options, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our option. So, here you can include the following materials: your author's program, didactic system, experiment plan and its results, description of research methods used in your

registration of a kindergarten teacher's portfolio
work, abstracts of classes and their analysis(selectively), documents that confirm the creative and other successes of pupils (reading and writing, awarding, etc.), questionnaires, scripts and much more, which is also called a "pedagogical piggy bank".

The structure of the kindergarten teacher's portfolio can be as follows:

  • Page 1: pedagogical credo, main tasks of activity, short work biography.
  • Page 2: information on past retraining and advanced training courses.
  • Page 3: self-education.
  • Page 4: Information about conducting open classes.
  • Page 5: information on participation in intrasalt activities.

Then you can indicate the details of the participation in theexternal methodical measures, place diagnostic maps, the results of the questionnaire and so on. In the conclusion of the portfolio of the kindergarten teacher, you can identify further perspectives for your work, for which you subsequently carry out the analysis.

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