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All about the portfolio of the teacher

In order to properly form a portfolioeducator, it is better to look at the sites of major recruitment agencies and determine what positions are required. As a rule, the main thing that potential employers want to see is the availability of pedagogical education. Therefore, information about you must necessarily contain the name of the university or vocational school that you graduated from - faculty, specialty and year of production.

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To put it mildly, modern young girls do notseek to nurse with other people's children; this is a colossal work, a great responsibility and often a small salary, so if a Soviet higher education institution and a pedagogical experience of 15-20 years are indicated in the teacher's portfolio, this is likely to be a plus. Although in some pre-school institutions on the pre-retirement age can look negatively, because women aged are not so easy to keep up with nimble children. But they can become their second mothers for them. And this is another basic position that occurs in the demands of employers. Children need to be loved. And if you really have this quality, in addition to accuracy, personal discipline, then boldly indicate it in the portfolio of the preschool teacher.

A big plus in any teaching workis the availability of their own techniques, authoring programs and other developments. If they have already been implemented, it is desirable to show photographs, video materials, records of open lessons. It is good to attach copies of diplomas and other awards, both your own and those received by pupils, to the teacher's portfolio. A wonderful addition will be a page on the Web where you can see the whole collection of materials. It is easy enough to make it yourself, using the designers in the search engines.

Portfolio of the teacher of the orphanage

In large cities, life forces parentsactively develop children from the youngest age. Therefore, there are, for example, bilingual kindergartens, where kids learn to speak at once in two languages. Here, in the portfolio of the educator there should be documents on additional (basic) linguistic education, information confirming the possession of methods of early development, it is desirable to indicate the ability to organize musical and sports games, the idea of ​​the basics of psychology for good communication with children and their parents. Absence of bad habits and a faultless medical book are required. Possession of all of the above skills allows the employee to expect a quite decent salary of 45-60 thousand rubles.

portfolio of the educator dhow

Portfolio of the orphanage educator can usuallybe much more modest, because to work with often difficult or sick teenagers go or fans of the business, loving children most of all in a life, or the people interested even in the small salary. As a rule, it requires pedagogical education, communication skills, resistance to stress. The orphanage is an institution that works around the clock, so when preparing a portfolio for such an institution it is better to indicate how willing the applicant is to work in shift or night mode.

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