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The social passport of the kindergarten group is an example of public care for preschoolers

The work of the educator in the children's educationalThe institution includes preparation of certain documentation. One such document is the social passport of the kindergarten group, the sample of filling in which may differ depending on the regulatory requirements and the presence of disadvantaged children in the group.

The need for a social passport

Having a correctly completed document onpupils, the teacher can see the full picture of the social character in his group. Through the availability of such documentation, the provider can provide the requested information to the education administration or guardianship authorities. And also give more attention to children who need individual assistance from the teacher.

social passport kindergarten group sample

The group's social passport is also necessarypsychologist of preschool as a document helping to determine what kind of work should be done with a child falling into the category of socially disadvantaged.

Social passport of the kindergarten group, samplewhich can be kept both by the manager and the tutor, allows you to correctly place the accents when holding certain actions or holidays within the group or the whole preschool institution.

Receptions for completing a document

Having conducted preliminary interviews, questionnaires andparental meetings, finding out the social situation of parents, the educator can start developing the document. The social passport of the kindergarten group, the sample of which can be filled in both a table form and in a free format, a convenient teacher, is filled once a year and adjusted if the data changes. It is very convenient to have table templates made with the help of a computer kit, they make it easy to find the necessary information for each child.

social passport of the kindergarten group sample filling

Data for filling in the passport

The social passport of the kindergarten group, the sample of which is developed in the form of a blank, should contain the following data:

№ п / пName of childLow-income familyDysfunctional familyPlace of work of parentsGuardiansContacts
  • General information about the group. Here you can find data on the number of preschool children, the presence of incomplete or large families in families, children under guardianship, or other social factors.
  • The social status of parents. When completing this form, data on the professional employment of parents are taken into account. In this case, it is worthwhile to monitor that the data was from both parents in case of a complete family.
  • Characteristics of the material security of the family is filled in accordance with the personal observations of the caregiver or after visiting the residential area of ​​the pupil.
  • Also in the passport can be indicated the addresses, telephone numbers of the child's close relatives for an emergency or if the parents do not take part in the upbringing of children.
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