/ What does the caretaker assistant do in the kindergarten?

What does the caregiver's assistant do in the kindergarten?

The modern rhythm of life does not allow everyonewomen remain housewives. For this reason, in three years the toddlers need to be sent to a specialized educational institution that prepares them for schooling. Many people from our generation attended the kindergarten, this is also the norm for modern society. Do you like children? Why not try yourself in a new profession and not part with a preschooler at work? Assistant educator in kindergarten is not too difficult work, which does not require specialized education.

What do assistants care?

Assistant Teacher in kindergarten
Who is the educator, we all knowa teacher who organizes classes for children, monitors the conduct of leisure and order in the group. What does his assistant do? In modern general education kindergartens in Russia it is rarely possible to see groups in which less than 10 people are engaged, sometimes more than 20 children are recruited. This means that before each walk it is necessary to put on not restless toddlers not only ten caps and jackets, but also lace up as many pairs of shoes . Do not forget about the day's sleep, before which the whole group needs to be undressed, and after dressing, as well as three meals. One person can not cope quickly with so many children, this is where the caretaker's assistant in the kindergarten begins to work. Consequently, the main task of this specialist is to carry out the assignments of the principal in the group of the teacher. It is also the assistant tutor who performs small cleaning in the group and can accompany the kids for a walk.

What are the advantages of this profession?

Assistant Teacher Kindergarten Moscow
Applicants are relatively lowrequirements. Preferences are given to young women or women of fair sex after the age of 40. Experience and level of education often does not matter. The most important thing is a calm character and love for children. Accuracy and ability to maintain order will also be a plus. If you already have experience working with children, you will be accepted with open arms into any preschool institution, it will be enough to work as an animator or a counselor in a summer camp. Among those who want to try to work with kids, the question of what the salary of an assistant kindergarten teacher is relevant. Everything depends on the region and the level of the institution itself. Counting on the golden mountains is not necessary, but if someone else is working in the family, the salary of the teacher's assistant will be a good addition to the basic income. We should not forget about the comfortable schedule of work. Assistant educator in kindergarten finishes his workday as early as 17.00 or a little later. When working in a municipal educational institution, a paid sick leave and leave are guaranteed.

Disadvantages of working as an assistant educator

Salary of an assistant kindergarten teacher
Do not forget that this professionrefers to "non-prestigious" and almost completely deprived of career growth. It is not possible to become an educator without a proper education. However, sometimes the salary is really high. Look for vacancies of private preschool educational institutions in the profile of "assistant educator, kindergarten" (Moscow or Peter), sometimes it is quite a pleasant amount of several tens of thousands of rubles. If you do not like children, think twice before you fight for this position. Kids are not always obedient and calm, from time to time you will not only have to calm the capricious children, but also to clean up the porridge scattered throughout the dining room, as well as other traces of their antics. Do not forget that an assistant educator in kindergarten should appear at his workplace at 7 am (and in some institutions before), regardless of the weather on the street and personal circumstances.

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