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"Volga 31105", Chrysler engine: overview, specifications

"Volga" - the legendary Soviet development,which to this day pleases many motorists. A lot of time has passed since the creation of the first model, but GAZ produces cars as well. With each new generation of "Volga" more and more fans of comfortable driving.

New Volga

Of course, in its history there were hard times, but"Volga" made them with dignity and yet strengthened in the modern world of cars. There are quite a few competitors of this brand, but they could not reduce its popular popularity.

Review of GAZ-31105 "Volga"

The car "Volga-31105" is the lastgeneration of a range of cars produced by GAZ. The machine was fitted with such famous engines as 24, 402, 405, 406 and 505. In the process of development as an experiment, the engine was installed from the Chrysler. But, as it worked, the plant management decided to introduce the technology into mass production.

Of course, the new "Volga" with the Chrysler engine forInterior and exterior did not differ from standard cars with a 406-m engine. The only modification was the installation of another power unit, which came to the heart of many motorists. Naturally, not everyone appreciated the refinement, and there were drivers who denounced the innovation, because, in their opinion, the "Volga" was supposed to remain itself.

gas 31105 Volga

Small changes received the salon. For the first time, a multi-rudder was installed, which allowed to control the audio system. Also, engineers added the possibility of adjusting the position of the rudder. The interior trim has been completely replaced with a new one, the "Chrysler" in its basic configuration. From new changes owners have won, as "Volga" became more comfortable and cozy.

Buy a car can only be on the marketsecond-hand machines, because its production ceased in 2009, when the plant considered that the production of this car should be stopped because of a fall in sales by 2 times.

Specifications GAZ-31105 with the engine "Chrysler"

GAZ-31105 "Volga" received a newimproved Chrysler engine, which added power and dynamic data. Of course, we had to slightly modify some of the constructive elements, but the manufacturer coped with this task as best as possible.

"Volga-31105", the engine "Chrysler" on whichwas installed, received new technical characteristics. To use the full potential of the car, the 2.4 Dohc Daimler Chrysler engine was installed, which had a power of 137 horsepower. Since the old PPC was unable to function with this engine, the designers had to develop a new 5-speed manual gearbox, which was equipped with new bearings to more effectively use the ICE's potential.

Also GAZ-31105 "Volga" was able to reduce the timeacceleration from 0 to 100 km, and was only 11 seconds. And this meant that the new engine was more powerful than its domestic counterpart. The maximum speed that the "Volga-31105" developed (the Chrysler engine was the driving force) was 178 km / h.

gas engine chrysler

The new "Volga" was more economical compared towith their counterparts. So, the average fuel consumption was about 9 liters, while along the highway - 7.8 liters, but in the city - all 10.8 liters. This is approximately 1-1.5 liters less than with the 405-m or 406-m motor.

"Volga-31105" (engine Chrysler) was produced not for long, from 2007 to 2009, but in this short time managed to find an army of fans.

Pros and cons of installing the Chrysler engine on the Volga

Of course, this car had a lot likepositive, and negative qualities. Having collected different opinions of people, including experts, professional drivers, car repairers and ordinary owners, we managed to isolate and systematize all this. Let's look closer at the pros and cons. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the "Volga-31105" (the Chrysler engine)?

gas engine chrysler


  1. Increased engine power.
  2. The resource of the motor increased 1.5 times.
  3. The fuel consumption has decreased.
  4. Dynamic characteristics have grown.
  5. The noise has decreased.
  6. The car began to comply with the Euro-4 standard.

But along with the positive qualities can be identified and disadvantages. Some of them were in domestic engines.

  1. The consumption of gasoline is still great, which hits the owner's pocket.
  2. The cost of servicing this type of engineincreased in comparison with domestic versions, as spare parts were now tied to the exchange rate of foreign currency. Of course, in this situation there is a way out - to buy analogs.
  3. There was a slight difficulty in repair. The price of the work on the engine equated to the repair of the Chrysler.

Thus, it becomes clear to any consumer that maintenance and repair of the car have risen in price, but they have been replaced by reliability and confidence.

General and distinctive features of engine repair from "Chrysler" and ZMZ

In the car "Volga-31105" engine "Chrysler"by the general principle does not differ from the 406th motor. But the carrying out of repair operations, the location of parts and dismantling, installation are different. Of course, the manufacturer issued a separate book on the repair and operation of ICE for this car.

Servicing the Chrysler engine

On the GAZ car the Chrysler engine is easy to maintain. What is included in this operation? Oil and oil filter replacement, diagnosis of spark plugs and checking of high-voltage wires.

The recommended time between maintenance is 10,000 km + - 1500 km. Mainly, this includes only the replacement of the lubricating fluid in the engines and the filter element. Consider a closer process:

  1. We put the car on a pit or we drive it to the lift. For security reasons, to not burn anything, let the machine cool down.
  2. We remove the protective screen, which closes the motor from below.
  3. On the crankcase there is a drain plug,which should be unscrewed, previously cleaned of dirt and debris. Important! Do not forget to prepare a capacity of 7 liters, since the engines "Chrysler" filled with 6.5 liters of oil. We substitute under the drain hole and wait until the oil runs away.
  4. Now you can twist the drainage channel. A new seal should be installed on the drain plug.
  5. Using a special puller, unscrew the oil filter. The new element must be twisted by hand, it is not necessary to tighten it very tightly. Preliminary it is necessary to pour a little oil into it.
  6. Pour 6 liters of oil through the filler neck. We twist it. Now you need to start the engine and give it a little work. Next, add oil to the required level. This indicator can be viewed on the dipstick.

After doing all the operations and re-warming the engine, it's worth seeing if there are any streaks.

gas 31105 Volga

Head block repair

Repair GAZ-31105 ("Chrysler" engine), namelyhead of the block, is a rather heavy and thorough operation. It is not recommended to conduct it in garage conditions, since the absence of special tools and equipment will not allow it to be fully implemented. Of course, everyone understands that the repair of this node is expensive, so do not bring to this.

repair gas 31105 chrysler

Let's consider the main reasons why the cylinder heads on the 105th Volga break down:

  1. Engine overheating.
  2. Mechanical damage.
  3. Lack of oil.
  4. Burnout of valves.
  5. Corrosion due to flooding of water in the cooling system.
  6. Late replacement of spare parts.
  7. Malfunction of the timing assembly.

The list shows only the main reasons that can serve as a breakdown of the cylinder head, but do not forget that regular maintenance will save the node from premature failure.

Repair of the block of cylinders

Engine GAZ-31105 501 "Chrysler" has a workinga resource of 750 thousand km. Therefore, the failure of the main power unit in principle is impossible, only if it is not serviced or the car got into an accident where the motor was damaged.

Repair of this node should be entrustedprofessionals who understand the design of the motor and know the process of the sequence of replacement of spare parts. Therefore, to describe the operations that need to be carried out, there is no sense, especially about them can be read in detail in the manual for repair and maintenance of the car "Volga-31105" (engine "Chrysler").

Selection of spare parts

The selection of spare parts is carried out with the help ofA special catalog that can be found on the Internet, or an acquired book with catalog numbers. Usually, it is trusted by sellers in shops selling parts or at an official car service.

The price policy for the details is quite different, alldepends on the supplier. Of course, you can pick up analogs to original spare parts by catalog number. They usually cost 20% less, but here it's worth keeping an eye on the quality.

Manufacturer's recommendations

The manufacturer recommends trusting repair and maintenance of the car to official car-care centers that have a dealer license. Masters on it are specially trained and studied the sequence of repair.

gas 31105 501

In the process of operation should be regular,according to the service instruction, to service the car. This not only protects the details of Volga-31105 from increased wear and tear, but also ensures stable operation.

This car, although it was experimental, but was recognized by motorists, and fell in love with them just like the GAZ-31105 with a 406-m engine.

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