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Technical characteristics of "Volga-Siberian" and not only

Several years ago Gorky Automobilethe plant launched a new project called "Volga-Siber". At the premiere, Russian developers insisted that this model would be a new stage in the development of the domestic automotive industry. But why is the novelty still not so popular, and why do experts call the idea of ​​creating a car "Volga-Syber" a failure? The answers to these questions you will learn from our article.

technical characteristics of the Volga River

American roots

Gorky Plant initially cooperated withAmerican colleagues in the development of their new models. A vivid example of this is the creation of the legendary "twenty-quarters". In 2006, the Gorky developers decided not to break the tradition and again turned to overseas engineers. It is worth noting that all the technical characteristics of the Volga-Sayber are quite similar to the American Chrysler of the Sebring model. This is not surprising, since it was this model that served as the basis for the creation of "Cyber".

Technical characteristics of "Volga-Sayber"

Despite the common platform, domesticthe engineers did try. They upgraded their car Volga-Sayber under Russian roads. The characteristics of the ground clearance, dimensions and design were slightly modified to meet European requirements. So, the car's ground clearance was increased from 11 to 14 centimeters, and thanks to the introduction of innovations in the running gear of the "Volga" no longer "pecked" the nose on acceleration and during braking. As for the external appearance, there have been made few changes. The car got a new bumper with another form of air intake, a different lighting equipment, as well as "advanced" rear-view mirrors, which for the first time in the history of the domestic car industry received LED repeaters of turns.

Volga Cyber ​​characteristics

Under the hood, specifications"Volga-Syber", too, has not changed dramatically. As the power unit was taken "Chrysler" 4-cylinder gasoline engine volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 141 horsepower. The motor was equipped with two types of transmissions. It could be a five-step "mechanic" or a four-stage "automatic". By the way, in more expensive trim levels, "Volga" was supplied with another 2.4-liter 143-horsepower gasoline engine (oddly enough, the American production). According to the passport data, such engines are able to accelerate the car to 200 kilometers per hour. Yes, the high-speed technical characteristics of the Volga-Siber are really worthy of attention. However, we still have one more important criterion. He plays the final role in the success of sales of the Gorky car Volga-Cyber.

Volga Cyber ​​price new

The price of the new model in the basethis time is 496 thousand rubles. For "top" equipment will have to pay up to 586 thousand rubles. Now it becomes clear why the "Volga-Syber" project turned out to be such a failure. For such a cost domestic car enthusiasts will be able to acquire a reliable and economical "Korean" or the same "American". Therefore, for such a price, "Volga-Syber" remains out of competition in the worst sense of the word.

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