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Overview of the car "Gazelle Farmer"

"Gazelle Farmer" is an excellent commerciala car that is able to deliver cargo to any point of the city and region, regardless of the location of this route. Recently, this modification has become very popular in the field of private cargo transportation. But how did she manage to win such popularity?

History of production

This car with a double cab first startedis produced in 1995, a year before the debut of its "ancestor" - "Gazelle" with a cabin "loner". The novelty became universal, as it could transport any rural living creatures and goods (hence the name "Gazelle-Farmer"). Thanks to the 6-person cab it easily accommodated a small team of workers, and a 16-centimeter clearance allowed transportation of goods on any road, be it an asphalt track or a primer. In rural conditions, she quickly delivered poultry, fertilizers and manufactured goods.

Commercial vehicle "Gazelle-Farmer" - photo and review of design

gazelle farmer
In 2003, this car survived a smallrestyling, with the optics changed from a square to a more modern, a bumper and a grille. With the advent of a new generation of "Gazelle" series "Business" this machine also experienced another restyling, like her sister with a single cabin. Now the new truck looks exactly like that.

The smiling and solid design of the Gazelle was outstandingquite successful. Now "Farmer" has acquired a completely different bumper and air intake, smoothly changing into an updated radiator grille. At the same time, the appearance of the car remained quite recognizable. The same almond shaped headlights, wheel disks, arches and glazing form. In the photo, we see that the airflow to the engine has increased significantly, which means that the age-old problem with boiling "Gazelle" standing on the sidelines will gradually disappear into the past. Now the air circulation is normal, which makes the novelty modern and reliable.

gazelle farmer pictures


The car is completed with an injectorengine from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant model UMZ-4216. Its working volume is 2.9 liters, and the power is about 106 horsepower. In addition, in the line of engines there are units "chrysler" and "kammins". According to the producers, the useful service life of the last pair of motors is 500 thousand kilometers. All units are equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox. The average fuel consumption of the novelty is about 10.5 liters (for EVP) with an error of 0.5 liters for the engines "Chrysler" and "kammins". The service interval was increased from 10 to 15 thousand kilometers.


auto gazelle farmer
Auto "Gazel-Farmer", equipped with gasolineengine UMZ and a 3-meter cargo platform, costs about 450 thousand rubles. The extended version of the low-tonnage truck is estimated at 470 thousand. As for the modifications with the engines "Chrysler" and "Cummins", the cost for them is from 480 to 500 thousand rubles, depending on the length of the cargo platform. Modifications are also envisaged with gas-cylinder equipment (+ 40 000 rubles).

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