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Warts on the penis

Warts on the penis (genital warts) refer to benign neoplasms. They are caused in most cases (about 90%) of HPV (human papillomavirus).

Condylomata (urogenital) are transmitted at sexualcontact, it is very easy to catch them. Emerging warts on the penis cause discomfort during intercourse. In addition, genital warts can be accompanied by the appearance of bleeding, itchy cracks, inflammation.

It should be noted that treatment is difficult. This is due to the ability of the virus to hide in the surrounding tissue formation. When getting rid of this condition, the risk of developing relapses (repeated occurrence of a wart on the penis) is high.

Most often in the genital area, genitalCondylomas occur between the ages of sixteen to twenty-five. The formation of warts is typical for active (sexually) women, at the age of twenty-five years they are detected in 10-40%.

When a urogenital infection occurs against the background of HPV, sexually transmitted infection always occurs. The likelihood of getting a virus during sexual intercourse is from 60 to 66%.

In the process of sexual intercourse, the infection can getthrough the resulting microcracks. In this case, the virus is able to penetrate to the basement membrane (interlayer) of the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) or mucous in the area of ​​skin destruction (microcracks). In men with warts on the penis, HPV is detected in the semen. This fact indicates that the liquid medium for transmission of infection is most preferable. In other words, with unprotected intercourse, HPV can be transmitted to a partner.

In some cases, genital warts can regress (stop developing) without any therapeutic effect.

The incubation period (from infection to manifestationinfection) may be on the order of nine months. As a rule, genital warts last a long period. Spontaneous regression is noted in 10-30% of patients.

Most often, condylomas form in places,most prone to trauma in the process of intercourse. A man may have one wart on his penis or develop multiple education. Genital warts (urogenital) have the form of "cock's combs" or "cauliflower". In men, warts appear on the penis in various areas: often the head of the penis, the bridle, the coronary groove, the inner leaf of the foreskin is often affected. In some cases, genital warts are formed in the groin, on the scrotum, in the perineum. Typical areas of warts in women are: the posterior spike area, the clitoris, the labia (large and small), the perineum, the vagina, the vestibule area. In the area of ​​the external opening of the urethra, genital warts appear in about 4-8% of women and 20-25% of men.

It should be noted that sexual behavioris the main factor in the spread of the virus. Genital warts, as a rule, occur in people who have begun to have sex early enough, often changing their sexual partners. In addition, infection can occur from a partner who had a large number of sexual contacts (in particular over the past two years). The risk factors include the state of immune deficiency, smoking.

As practice shows, in most casesCondylomas are not accompanied by symptoms, and many people do not even know about them. However, some patients complain of bleeding, pain and burning. External genital warts can develop in combination with urethral or cervical (cervical canal - the site of the uterine neck connecting the uterus cavity with the vagina) infection.

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