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Papilloma on the penis: causes and methods of treatment

Papilloma on the penis is a problem for many men. But, unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the possible risks in such a disease - most patients perceive the presence of such skin lesions only as an aesthetic defect. So why there are papillomas, and what methods of treatment does modern medicine offer?

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Papilloma on the penis: the reasons for its appearance

The cause of the formation of such skin growthsis the human papillomavirus. Such an infection is very common among the modern population. In most cases, infection occurs during sexual intercourse with a partner-carrier of the virus (and a person may not even suspect about the presence of his disease). In addition, it is not excluded and the household way of transmission, for example, when sharing bed linen, towels, etc.

In any case, infection does not yet guaranteethe appearance of papilloma on the genitals or any other parts of the body. The fact is that the virus is activated only against the background of a decrease in immune defense. Therefore, to exacerbate the disease can lead to: hypothermia, colds, chronic diseases, malnutrition, constant stress, in short, anything that can weaken the immune system.

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Papillomas on the penis: symptoms

In most cases, such entitiesformed on the skin of the head and foreskin. Papillomas can be either single, or appear at once in groups. Moreover, they have different sizes and shapes.

Nevertheless, in most cases, the cutaneous neoplasm presents to the wearer only a cosmetic defect - the papillomas rarely cause pain, burning or itching.

Papilloma on the penis: what's the danger?

As mentioned earlier, the appearance of similarFormations on the skin are associated with some health risks. To begin with, it should be noted that the papillomas on the penis (photos can be found in the special literature) are often amenable to traumatic effects, which happens, for example, during an intimate act, depilation and even washing. Open wound is an excellent gateway to infection - often damage to the papilloma leads to complications in the form of a fungal or bacterial infection.

In addition, some varieties of the virusare considered extremely dangerous, as they increase the risk of malignant degeneration of tissues. Papilloma on the penis is a symptom that should not be ignored in any way. Only after examination and analysis, a specialist can determine whether the lesions on the skin are benign and whether they can be removed.

papilloma on the penis

Papilloma on the penis: treatment methods

Therapy in this case pursues twobasic goals. First, it is necessary to remove benign papillomas. To date, the elimination of cutaneous neoplasms is carried out using laser therapy or radio wave coagulation - these techniques are really effective and can get rid of the papilloma quickly and without risk to health.

On the other hand, treatment is also directed tostrengthening the immune system. After all, today it is impossible to completely get rid of the virus. Only protective mechanisms can control the activity and the number of viral particles. Therefore, the intake of vitamins and immunomodulating agents helps prevent the development of relapse in the future.

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