/ Warts, treatment with folk remedies.

Warts, treatment with folk remedies.

Warts are benign tumorouseducation. They appear in people of all ages - from newborns to old people. Warts are transmitted through contaminated objects or by direct contact. Perhaps self-infection - the transfer of the causative agent of infection to healthy areas of the skin.

There are warts of several types: flat, ordinary, senile, condyloma peaked, plantar warts, the treatment of which takes a long time.

Flat are located on the neck of a person, on the fieldface, and also on the back of the hands. The shape of the flat warts is rounded, and the size is as usual with a pinhead. Consistency is dense. The color of the warts is beige or yellowish. May increase in size for friction and injury.

Ordinary are usually located on the fingershands and on the back of the hands. Warts are passers-by on nodules the size of a pinhead or a pea. To the touch are dense, soreness is absent. Their color is flesh-colored, but can be gray-brown.

Star warts appear on closedareas of the skin. Warts have the appearance of nodules brown or brown. The diameter of the warts is from three to five millimeters. The surface of the warts is covered with horny, fatty scales, which are removed quite easily.

Plantar warts cause painfulFeel. They have a rod that goes deep under the skin. At the top of the wart have a thick horny layer. Plantar warts arise in places prone to friction and pressure, such as the heels, little toes of the feet, the sole.

Genital warts affect the posterior regionpassage, the genital area. In the first stage of the course, genital warts are papillomas. These "papillomas" after a while connect, taking the form of cauliflower. Condylomas have a grayish pink color. Genital warts can occur between the ages of twenty and forty. Painful sensations do not arise when they appear, but an unpleasant smell appears. At untimely treatment such dermal formations grow and increase in sizes.

If you have warts, treatment with folk remedies is the most effective and effective.

Treatment of warts with folk remedies: the first method

Should be daily two to three times, using raw garlic, carefully rub warts. Treatment continues until the warts completely disappear, but not more than three weeks.

Treatment of warts with folk remedies: the second method

There is a painless removal of warts with daily lubrication with a strong infusion of wormwood. Lubricate several times a day. The treatment procedure should be carried out until they disappear completely.

Treatment of warts with folk remedies: the third method

Very effective treatment of warts celandine. Press the celandine juice large. Lubricate twice daily with this juice of warts. Treatment continue for three weeks.

Treatment of warts with folk remedies: the fourth method

Daily, at night lubricate the warts with a mixture of garlic and honey. The proportion of the mixture is 3: 1.

A few more effective folk methods for treating warts:

- Apply garlic, mixed with butter (or castor) in the morning and evening, for 10-20 minutes, you can slightly massage the warts. Treatment takes two to three months;

- raw potatoes are rubbed on the grater to erase, basically, the peel. The resulting gruel is put on cellophane and tied to the location of the warts. The procedure is 3-4 weeks.

Treatment of warts with folk remedies is effectiveand always gives a positive result. In those cases when such treatment does not bring results, warts should be removed surgically or by laser burning. The operation should be carried out only with the permission of the doctor in the clinic after thorough analysis.

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