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Mikhail Kizin: biography, creativity, photo

Today we want to acquaint you with the life and work of an amazing, talented person. Our hero is Mikhail Mikhailovich Kizin.

Childhood and youth

Misha Kizin was born in a small fishing village inAstrakhan region with a beautiful name of the Greenhouse in 1968. There he also went to high school, which he graduated with good marks. Relatives of the future star recall that the young man always dreamed of singing, so in 1995 he easily enters the conservatory of the city of Astrakhan in the class of N. V. Sineva. The admissions committee highly appreciated the vocal data of the entrant Kizin. He did not succeed in completing his studies, since in 1916 he was drafted into the army, where he served for three years. In 1994 he graduated from GITIS, the Faculty of Musical Theater.

michael kizin

Beginning of tour activity

Already in 1995, a year after graduation,Michael Kizin gets an attractive offer from the musical agency of the city of Cologne about the tours in the cities of West Germany. He gladly accepts this invitation and goes on a concert tour with accompanist Irene Fuchs.

In the Cologne Musical Theater he brilliantly performed the famous party of Eugene Onegin. The German press was enthusiastic about the young Russian talent.

Mikhail Kizin and Zykina

Returning from the tour, the singer receives an equally interesting proposal from the
Lyudmila Zykina! The great singer offered creative cooperation. Michael Kizin became a soloist in the world-famous folk ensemble of the Russian song "Russia", where he works to this day. With this collective, the singer traveled the entire territory of the former Soviet Union and very many foreign countries.

Relations between the singer and Lyudmila Zykina have always beencovered with rumors and speculation. Many of them are very unpleasant. The singer says that all these are conjectures of not very clean journalists, so let them remain on their conscience. When journalists ask the singer what Lyudmila Georgievna was for him, Mikhail Kizin, without hesitation, answers: "A friend, a good, honest friend."

kizin mikhailovich

Cooperation with Elena Obraztsova

In 1998, a new stage in creativity beginsthe singer. Michael Kizin begins to cooperate with the greatest opera singer, known in all corners of the world - Elena Obraztsova. He becomes president of IPO "Chamber Philharmonic", as well as director of the contest of vocalists named after Elena Obraztsova. Thus, Mikhail began to combine concert activity with social work. And what is amazing is that he succeeds everywhere, and everything that he undertakes performs impeccably.

Scientific activity

Not all fans of the singer's art know,that since 2009 Michael Kizin is a candidate of art criticism, a theater and music critic, a methodologist of vocal skill. In addition, he is working on a doctoral dissertation at the Russian Institute of Cultural Studies.

Creativity today

At present, Mikhail Kizin is a People's ArtistRussia, the world famous baritone. His singing fascinates listeners. In addition, he is a talented teacher - successfully teaches acting skills, theory and history of art. He popularizes the works of Russian composers. Mikhail Kizin continues active concert activity. His programs are diverse in subject, style, but they all give listeners a real pleasure. Mikhail Kizin believes that all the beautiful music created by a man can not be performed in his entire life, therefore the repertoire of his concerts is subject to the wishes of listeners.

michael kizin and zykina

Personal life

This side of Mikhail's life is carefully hidden by the actor. It is known only that in recent years the singer lives with his civil wife, who is called Victoria.

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