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Mikhail Mishin - biography and creativity

The article will tell you who Mikhail Mishin is. The biography, personal life and creative activity of this person will be described in this material. The real name of our hero is Litvin Mikhail Anatolyevich. It's about the writer-satirist, screenwriter, translator, entertainer.

About the person

michael mishin biography personal life
The biography of Mikhail Mishin originates in 1947in Tashkent. It was then that on April 2 he was born. Anatoly Litvin, the father of the future writer, served as deputy director of the House of Journalists in Leningrad. Mother worked in a philharmonic society. Mikhail Mishin studied at the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute named after Ulyanov-Lenin. After his graduation he worked for 4 years in the specialty. He started writing in his student years. Thanks to his father he was able to publish his works on the pages of newspapers in humorous columns.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Mishin began to earn extra moneyon the stage of Lenconcert by the artist of the speech genre. Together with Semyon Altoff he reads his own works from the stage. In 1976, Lenizdat published the first book by Mikhail Mishin under the title "There were 65,000 copies of a trolleybus on the street".

In the eighties the writer, not being a professional philologist, is engaged in literary translations of plays by Ray Cooney, Noel Coward and other authors.

Let's now see what he writes about himselfauthor. In his biography he notes that he was born in Tashkent. After the family moved to Leningrad. And then the future writer was in Moscow. He also regularly visited Odessa. He considers himself the author of the word "Okhotryam-s". Notes that he often changed his place of residence. In his own words, the writer hardly remembers the segment of life from birth to thirty years. The author says that all holidays are used to celebrate in Odessa. I am sure that I have discovered a new law of nature - "with age in the body, the number of organs increases, and they all ache." He managed to earn the fame of an indefatigable joker and joker. Subtle humor allowed our hero to very quickly succeed as a satirist. The humorist turned to literary activity much later. In the eighties, as well as the nineties, he began to engage in creative adaptation and translation of foreign plays.

Mikhail Mishin - personal life

biography of Michaela Mishina
The first wife of the satirist was Tatyana Chernysheva. She was his classmate at the institute. The eldest son from his first marriage lives now in the United States.

The second wife - Tatiana Dogileva - an actress. With her, the marriage lasted from 1990 to 2008. Daughter Catherine was born in 1994, on December 30. Currently resides in the USA.


михаил мишин personal life
Mikhail Mishin wrote many miniatures speciallyfor AI Raikin. In particular, it should be noted the work on the play "His Majesty Theater". According to the author's scripts, films "Silva", "Exceptions without rules", "Free wind" were made. In 1995, the screen appeared Alla Surikova's tape called "Moscow holidays". In it, Mishin starred in the episode in conjunction with Alexander Adabashyan. In 2004, the Russian version of the famous English musical called We Will Rock You was presented on stage. Mishin worked on her translation and adaptation to the Russian audience.


In 1995 a book was published in St. Petersburgwriter named "Feel the difference!". Mikhail Mishin in 1992 publishes a collection entitled "Otodryam." In 1990 the work "The Former Future" was published. In the same year came out a collection of pop pieces "Mixed feelings." In 1988, the book "Over the surface" appeared. The stories under the general title "Pause in Major" were published in 1981. In total, Mikhail Mishin became the author of more than ten books. Many of them were repeatedly reprinted and supplemented with new collections of stories.

Working in a movie

Michail Mishin
Mikhail Mishin as a screenwriter worked on manymovies. In particular, in 1981 the tape "Silva" was released. In 1983, "Free Wind" appeared according to the author's scenario. In 1986, the tape "Exclusions without rules." The writer was the author of the script in short films: "Sightseer", "Paper clips", "Voice", "Golden button".

Satyric is also actively engaged in actingwork. In particular, in 1991 he took part in the film "Genius". In 1993, a picture of the joint production of the United States, Germany and Ukraine was published under the title "Sinister in a mask". In it, he played the role of Dr. Lessing. Was filmed in the film "Moscow Holidays", which was released in 1994. He starred in the episode of the movie "The Children of Monday", released in 1997.

Also has a short role in the film "Only once ...»Of 2002. In 2004, the film "On Love in All Weathers" appears, in which the writer plays a man without a specific place of residence. In 2006, I was shot in the tape "You Will not Leave Me". Appears in the episode of the movie "Red Pearls of Love", which was released in 2008. The role of the builder-philosopher writer was played in the film "Man from the Boulevard of the Capuchin", which was filmed in 2009. He was the author of the translation of the first two seasons of the television series "Friends".

Now you know who Mikhail Mishin is. Biography, personal life and creativity of the writer were considered in great detail.

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