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Brief biography of Lomonosov

Lomonosov is familiar to virtually all the inhabitants of Russia. Honor his work abroad. He was also a scientist, encyclopedist, artist, poet, natural scientist, philologist, philosopher of natural science, organizer of Russian science. At the initiative of Mikhail Vasilyevich, a well-known Moscow University was established. The date of its opening is 1755.

Biography of Lomonosov is bright and interesting. He was born in the village of Denisovka, which was in Arkhangelsk province. His family was poor, his father - an ordinary peasant, his mother - the daughter of a village deacon.

A boy from the age of 10 already helped his father. They went fishing together. Moreover, they made long voyages to Novaya Zemlya, as well as sailed across the Arctic Ocean. The boy got acquainted with the fisheries of Pomerania early: seal hunting, sea hare, walrus, salt extraction, bone carving, extraction of shells with pearls.

In 1720, Lomonosov's mother died. After the father married another woman, but she was only an evil stepmother for him. Biography Lomonosov for children says that the boy from an early age was drawn to knowledge and everything new.

The young man understood that if he remained in the village,then he can only continue the fate of his father. Therefore, at the age of 19, Mikhail Vasilyevich goes to Moscow on foot. In the 18th century only a nobleman could study at the academy. Therefore, Lomonosov goes to the trick. He makes himself a prestigious noble name. His Mikhail Vasilyevich uses the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy for admission. Biography Lomonosov said that he was one of the best students. Therefore, he is sent to a university in St. Petersburg, which was located at the Academy of Sciences. Further Lomonosov goes abroad to improve himself in the field of physics, chemistry and metallurgy. Thanks to this, at the age of 34 he becomes an academician. Mikhail Vasilievich specialized mainly in natural science. This science covers such areas as astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, geography, metallurgy. Lomonosov viewed nature from a purely material aspect. He developed and promoted such views as the laws of nature, the principles of cognition, the law of conservation of matter, and motion.

Biography of Lomonosov says that MikhailVasilyevich made a number of important achievements and conclusions in the field of astronomy. For example, he studied the phenomenon of atmospheric electricity and gave the world a number of important conclusions about the nature of some space objects. In 1762, Mikhail Vasilievich invented a special telescope - a reflector, which has an inclined mirror. This unit helps to get a bright image of the object under consideration. Biography of Lomonosov tells us that this great man was studying the sun. He suggested that the surface of this star is like the ocean of fire.

Lomonosov is a patriot of his country. He tried to develop astronomy, because he believed that this would contribute to a great leap in science and help to raise the level of knowledge of the Russian people.

A brief biography of Lomonosov tells us,that he showed great interest precisely in practical astronomy. Especially to the creation of special devices that will help travelers and sailors navigate the stars. Mikhail Vasilyevich spent his whole life trying to give people more knowledge and discoveries. He did not tolerate ignorance. With confidence he said that every heavenly body is constantly changing, including our planet. And the Universe is immense and has no boundaries.

In his old age, Mikhail Vasilievich lived alone in histhe big house. It did not become at five o'clock in the afternoon on April 4, 1765. He made many important discoveries for the Russian people, but, like many great people, he died all alone.

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