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Names for cats: making the right choice

Many of us prefer to keep pets at home. Basically, these are fluffy cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots or dogs of various species and breeds.

Everyone knows from childhood that pets areour friends. For some, they are the only joy and comforters in solitude. Many they replace children, because they need the same careful care, the same attention as the children.

A huge number of people prefer to give shelternamely cats. These "walking by themselves" animals feel the mood of their master, and when he is sad, they just cling to him and, according to many, it immediately becomes easy on the soul.

A cat is a calm animal. We are faced with the question: how to choose names for cats? To outsiders it may seem like an easy task at first glance, but when you are faced with the problem of choosing names for cats, you understand all its difficulty. This is a very serious step, because you will pronounce names for cats dozens of times a day. When choosing names for cats, you do not need to consider only popular names. Names for cats should be simple, so that the animal responds quickly to it. You can also come up with interesting names for cats. The nickname can be fun and short, for example as Snowball. Also, choosing the name for your pet, you need to consider the very physiology of the cat. The name should at least somehow characterize your pet. For example, a cat that likes to sleep can be called Sonia. A Musya can be called a affectionate cat.

Some owners, choosing names for cats,take into account also the fact that she lives in the city or outside the city. Usually city cats are called more exquisitely, for example, Nesi, avoiding the more ridiculous and interesting names for cats. This problem is more difficult for owners who have Siamese and Thai cats. Some avoid black cats, considering them a symbol of failure. The people have such a legend that if you have a black cat, then wait for misfortune. But this is just superstition. The color of this animal does not matter. Whether it's a white, black, or red cat, it does not stop being a friendly and affectionate animal. Children already begin to love them from an early age. Even if you do not have cats in your house, then your child, when watching cartoons with them, already imagines how to keep it at home.

Children often want to name their cats by their namesanimals from cartoons or just movies. For example, Matroskin from all so beloved animated cartoon "Prostokvashino". This image is now used in the same way as the symbol of one dairy company and is depicted on all their products.

In our time to keep cats, in somesense, prestigious. Many celebrities keep a cat in their homes, sometimes even several individuals of different breeds. Celebrities like to go with their cats to various events. They often call their pets by name and patronymic. For example, the names of celebrity cats are Sergey Palych. Or only a patronymic - Palych. We often see on TV that stars dress their cats in different T-shirts, dresses or buy expensive collars for them.

In the 21st century cats became a part of society. Opened stores, which sold only accessories for these animals. They even have special beauty salons. Of course, there are mainly cats, in which the hosts are celebrities. Cats of famous owners do not suffer from lack of attention. They, like their owners, are always in the center of attention of journalists.

So, this article is devoted to howinvent interesting names for cats - our favorite pets. Some recommendations on how best to choose names for cats can help you. We also gave examples of some interesting names for cats. We hope that our advice will help you, and not only you, but your animal, will be pretty.

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