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Toys for kittens own hands: give joy to your fluffy lump

Cats are big mischievous, so they do not havedo without toys. There are a lot of special accessories in pet stores, but you can make toys for kittens yourself. With your own hands, you will be able to make exactly what your pet likes, because you know it like no other. Several interesting ideas will be offered to you and us.

Toys for kittens own hands

Fishing rod for a fluffy girlfriend

For manufacturing you will need:

  • wand;
  • an elastic band (centimeters 30);
  • gross weight;
  • the most interesting - feathers, a piece of fur or a soft little mouse.

toys for kittens
Manufacturing process

You attach a rubber band to a stick, and a weight to it. The final stage - attach to the product feathers. Such a fishing rod is sure to please your pet.

Mouse for cats own hands

For manufacturing you will need:

  • fabric of different colors (gray, black, pink);
  • thread;
  • needle for sewing;
  • Pattern pattern (we will describe the manufacturing process);
  • cotton wool or cloth (for stuffing);
  • rope (length - at your choice).

Process of creation

  1. First you need to make a pattern for thisdraw a mouse (only the silhouette, without peepholes, ears). So your template is ready. Now on it it is necessary to cut out from a fabric two identical details. Another such part is cut for the abdomen.
  2. From pink fabric, cut out small ears. From a dark material - a nose and eyes.
  3. Next, connect the two parts of the body, and then stitch it or manually sew them. Then sew the part for the abdomen, but not completely, so that you can fill the toy with cotton.
  4. Cut off part of the rope - it will be a tail. Sew it, ears and eyes. That's all, the rodent for your pet is ready.

Toys for kittens by own hands - we make a labyrinth

accessories for cats
It is not difficult to make such a toy. For manufacturing you will need:

  • Drill with a large nozzle for drilling 40x50 mm;
  • several inserts from the "kinder";
  • 4 nooks of water.

Manufacturing process

Corners are inserted into each other, forming a closedsquare. There is no need to use glue, since everything and so well holds on the factory fittings. In each transition we make a pair of holes. Their edges need to be treated with a construction knife, so that there are no burrs with which the cat can get injured. In the holes throw the "kinder" and call the pet, because the labyrinth is ready for use.

"Thread" - a simple, but fun toy for kittens

It's very simple to make such a thing with your hands, because all the materials are always at hand. You will need:

  • thread;
  • a few candy wrappers.

Process of creation

Cut off the required length of thread, at one end of it we bind candy wrappers. All ready for a new fun for your pet. By the way, wrappers from sweets can be replaced with feathers or foil.

for cats with their own hands

It's so easy to make toys for your kittenshands. You can experiment and fantasize, coming up with more and more fun for the pet. In addition, you can start making accessories for cats, for example, scratching or houses. This is a very interesting and useful activity. So you not only save money, but also will please your pet with a new fascinating toy. Dare!

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