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Forage "Proplan" for cats

Every cat lover is interested inhis pussies were healthy, and brought joy to their owner. An important factor in maintaining the cat's excellent health is the feeding option that its owner follows. Much depends on the nature of the animal, on its lifestyle, age. Choosing food for pussy, the owners pay attention to a product such as "Proplan" for cats.

Feed for cats companies Purina

The market for animal feed is saturated with a variety ofbrands offering canned food and dry food of various price categories, according to which feed is divided into three classes. They are called economy class, premium, superpremium. Thus, cat food "Proplan", can be attributed to the second and third class. It is produced by a company from France Nestle Purina PetCare. Developers in the manufacture of feed provided many aspects of the life of pets. There is a special food for cats that have suffered castration, and sterilized cats "Pro Plan After Care". It is full-fledged and balanced. In addition, "Proplan" for cats contains minerals and vitamins that contribute to the prevention of urolithiasis, which is very important for castrated cats. The food "Proplan" for adult cats that are inactive and live in an apartment is preventive, helping to clean the intestines of an animal from lumps of wool. Ideal for cats with long hair. Food is rich in dietary fiber, it is easily digested. Dry food pellets have a special coating, which helps to reduce by 40 percent of tartar formation. Improves the condition of the animal's coat, strengthens its immune system. A cat that piates dry food should have a separate bowl of fresh water for drinking.

Thanks to the development of Purina, in which more than three hundred veterinarians took part, new recipes for professional food "Proplan" were developed for cats, and its high quality and beneficialimpact on the health of the cat, received scientific confirmation. The new feed contains recipes that can prolong life and preserve the health of pets. Now the food contains antioxidants, fatty acids, such as omega 3 and 6, and prebiotics.

Reviews of owners of cats about the stern of "Proplan"

Feeds are subdivided by age of cats, by theirvital activity and physical characteristics. They produce several varieties of food: with chicken and rice, rabbit, salmon, etc. The owners of cats share their responses about the stern of "Proplan" and leave only positive responses. Cats quickly get used to the feed, although it does not contain flavor enhancers. Promotes the maintenance of the normal weight of the animal (after castration), cats quickly reach saturation with this food, rather than cheaper analogues. He is able to maintain the health of the cat in old age and help the correct development of the kitten. When these foods are used in animals, digestion improves, bones become stronger. All owners of cats watch their pets who feed on the food of Purina "Proplan", and note their excellent state of health. The only disadvantage of Proplan food for cats, according to the owners of animals, is its high cost. But if you take into account its quality, then this price is completely justified.

Tips for veterinarians

Veterinarians, addressed by the owners of cats,give advice on their feeding. So, according to professionals, cheaper foods contain carbohydrates, the glycemic index of which is very high. It can reach fifty to sixty percent. On the health of animals, this is not reflected in the better. Cats are animals that are predators and they need protein food. Therefore, we need feed with meat ingredients. Modern companies that produce animal feed create products that include components of plant origin and help strengthen the animal's body.

Veterinarians advise the food "Proplan" for cats, as the most correct variant of feeding animals, contributing to their health and increasing immunity.

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