/ The cat has diarrhea. What to do and what means to use in such a case

The cat has diarrhea. What to do and what means to use in such a case

the cat has diarrhea what to do
The cat has diarrhea. What to do and what means to use? Diarrhea in cats can be caused by various diseases and disorders. If the time does not take up the treatment, it can lead to death. In this article, you will learn how to behave in a similar situation and what to do if the cat has diarrhea.

Determination of the causes of ailment

Unexpectedly, a cat may have diarrhea. What to do, you will be prompted by the following tips. The causes of diarrhea can be determined already at the initial stage of the disease. To do this, we need to investigate the smell, color and consistency of the animal's stool. There are several reasons for this ailment:

1. Food poisoning. If your pet goes outside or notrefuses to itself in pleasure to rummage in a garbage can, that, most likely, he ate something spoiled. Set the cat full control and see what he does while walking outside.

diarrhea in a kitten what to do

2. Improper diet. That your pets do not arisesuch ailments, carefully plan the feeding ration. Do not overfeed the cat with fatty meat, milk or raw fish. If even with small amounts of these products there is an upset stomach, do not feed them at all. Also, be responsible for feeding with new food. All innovations should be gradual.

3. Food allergy. Sometimes a cat does not digest some foods. Pay attention to this and exclude them from food.

4. Change in climate or water. With long trips or trips with a cat, stock up with his usual food and water, which he is accustomed to using. This way you will save your pet from diarrhea.

5. Nervous breakdown. Cats, just like people, can experience stress. The reason for this may be sudden changes in the environment, a new pet or a change of owners.

Diarrhea in the kitten. What to do in this situation?

what to do if the cat has diarrhea
You brought home a small pet, and suddenly hisovertook this ailment. In kittens, just excommunicated from the mother, sometimes there is a loss of ability to absorb lactose. If you have not started to gradually introduce into the diet of dairy products, after growing up, the cat will experience attacks of diarrhea when consuming such food. When the kitten immediately begins to eat solid food, it stops producing the necessary bacteria for digesting the dairy product. In this case, products containing lactose must be eliminated from the diet. Another reason for the occurrence of diarrhea in a kitten may be the presence of worms. Consult a veterinarian and get anti-parasitic medications. After diarrhea, do not feed the cat for 24 hours. Then give her some light feed.

The cat has diarrhea. What should I do and when should I go to the vet?

With prolonged diarrhea, you can not delayelimination of the reasons, this will lead to negative consequences. A cat can get an incurable disease, even a fatal outcome is possible. When the diarrhea lasts more than a day, the animal's organism starts to dehydrate. In this case, veterinary care is needed. The vet should be called, if vomiting begins, the nose and gums turn pale, mucus and blood are present in the feces, the smell of rot comes, the color differs from usual, or the fact of poisoning is established.

I hope the article helped to answer questions aboutWhat can diarrhea be caused in a cat, what to do in a similar situation. Watch for the health of your pets and do not forget about regular visits to the vet.

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