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If a cat has feces

What if the cat has blood in the stool? This can be a signal of a serious illness. True, do not be scared at once. If the cat has blood in the stool, the reasons can be different. Maybe the problem can be solved quickly and easily.

a cat has feces

If the cat uses the tray, then immediately you canfeces with blood and do not notice. In any case, pay attention to plaintive meows before going to the tray. So the kitty expresses its discontent, malaise. It is possible that there is a foreign body in its intestine. It happens when a kitty plays objects that are not intended for games. As a rule, the animal starts to gnaw on them, swallowing the particles. They can cause harm and even serious injuries to the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, they can contain toxic substances that will cause irritation of the walls of the stomach.

the cat has blood in the feces


If the cat has blood in the stool, it can beevidence of helminthiosis, that is, infection of the body with parasites. This is a very common trouble, which happens to the cats walking on the street. Also similar are the animals, picked up on the street or in contact with homeless brothers. In principle, such a problem can arise in any kitty that walks on the street.

In this case, you need to take courses twiceanthelmintic preparations. Even those cats who live in houses are recommended to chase worms twice a year as prevention. Helminthiasis means not only blood in the feces, but also vomiting and nausea, lethargy, diarrhea and decreased activity. At the same time, the pet will not refuse food.


Constipation is another reason why ucats in feces blood. Fecal masses harden, and defecation for the cat becomes painful. When the intestine is emptied, there may be a mechanical injury to the intestines by the calves, hence the appearance of blood.

blood in the feces of the cause

If the cat has constipation, you need to give it a laxative,and also means that will facilitate the release of lumps of wool. In hot weather, the cause of constipation can be dehydration of the body, so that the pet should always have water. If the constipation is frequent and prolonged, it is necessary to show the cat to a specialist - this can be a symptom of a serious illness.

Improper diet

If the cat has fecal blood, the cause may beincorrect or unbalanced food. As a rule, producers of feline feed of low price segment in their production add corn, which often causes an allergic reaction. Additives of artificial origin can also cause an allergic reaction that manifests itself in the blood in the feces. There are many such additives in modern feeds. These are stabilizers, fragrances and more. In this case, you need to change the diet. If after that the blood does not disappear, you need to contact the veterinarian.


The reason that a cat has fecal blood canbecome and colitis is an inflammatory process in the large intestine. Cal in this case usually has a sharp, unpleasant odor. All this is accompanied by alternating constipation with diarrhea, pain in the lower abdomen, vomiting. Colitis is usually caused by infections, allergies, malnutrition or worms. If you run colitis, the animal loses weight, and the metabolism is violated.

More rarely, the cause of blood in stool is a stomach ulcer and some liver diseases. Therefore, with this symptom, you need to go to the vet and do an analysis of the stool.

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