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Can disease be serious when the kitten has diarrhea, and how to treat it?

Can disease be serious when the kitten has diarrhea, and how to treat it?

Most owners of domestic cats on appearancethe first signs of a loose stool begin to suspect poisoning. Immediately reviewed all the menu that was offered to their pet. In fact, diarrhea in cats is more a problem with digestion.

Most often, this happens when you transfer an animal from one type of food to another.

Another cause of diarrhea may be foodpoisoning. This is the fault of substandard products. The digestive system of the animal is arranged approximately the same as in humans. If a cat begins diarrhea literally within an hour or two after the last meal, it is worth taking all the measures to save the animal. Poisoning can take place in mild and severe form. May be accompanied by fever and vomiting. It is best to immediately contact a specialist in a veterinary clinic.

Perhaps the most terrible disease that begins with these symptoms is panleukopenia.

Already all have long known the name of a terrible dog disease "plague"; human - "AIDS". About the same terrible disease of panleukopenia.

In all three cases, the danger consists almost entirely in the absence of leukocytes in the blood.

How can I determine when a kitten has diarrhea, but is it serious? From the first hours at home, it is almost impossible to put the right diagnosis.


Of course, you can use the servicesa vet at home. Almost every such team can take the necessary blood tests (blood is taken from the vein). Already on the basis of the rapid blood test, a qualified doctor can put almost 100% diagnosis or exclude panleukopenia.

Treatment this disease is quite difficult. Kittens are especially bad for it. In 90% of cases with this diagnosis, a fatal outcome. It is believed that an animal that survived 3-4 days of illness - will survive! But the disease is not incurable. The main thing is to diagnose and strictly fulfill all appointments of a veterinarian in time.

When the kitten has diarrhea, almost simultaneously with it appears and vomiting. Vomit has a whitish-yellowish hue with foam.

In addition, vomiting and diarrhea cause pain in the animal, so before the kitten gets sick, he mews, as if asking for help.

The kid quickly loses weight. His appetite is zero.

If the diagnosis of a blood test is confirmed, neitherOne can not despair. The veterinarian will appoint every 48 hours to consult a doctor who will prescribe antiviral drugs according to the scheme. In addition, at home for 8-10 days will have to do at least 3 injections 2 times a day intramuscularly. If there is no such possibility at home, in many clinics animals are left in hospitals.

All this time the owner will have to drink to hisbaby water, rice broth, decoction of the bark of oak, other astringent infusions. When the kitten stops diarrhea, it can be considered a good sign and a chance that the doctor will cancel one of the daily injections.

The next injections (vitamins) the doctor can cancel only with the appearance of a good independent appetite.

Antibiotics in pricks the doctor will not cancel within 7 days in any case. At any state of health of the animal.

When this course is completed, the next step will be the treatment with tablets, which will have to be given to the cat for another week.

During the course of treatment or after it it is necessary to make all age-related vaccinations to the pet's pet so that the next time the kitten has diarrhea, a terrible disease does not happen again.


It is a mistake to think that domestic cats can notget sick with a viral infection (panleukopenia is just such a disease). A microbe can get to a pet even with a grain of sand brought from the street on the shoes of its owner. Veterinarians say that domestic cats are more likely to get sick than their colleagues walking on the street. The fact is that such pets do not get enough oxygen and nutrients, which the cat finds in the herbal "pharmacy." The owner's concern is to provide his pet with everything necessary.

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