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Interactive doll-carapace. Analogues

Interactive doll-carapuse today enjoysgreat popularity among children. Parents are pleased with the fact that the girls started playing dolls again. In the nineties, for example, the Barbie doll was in vogue, and with the dolls they practically did not play. Great pleasure to the girls was given to dressing, feeding their "daughters", bathing them in special baby baths.

interactive doll

To date, the choice of such toys canbe limited only by the financial capabilities of the parents. Of course, children always ask to buy them something new, unusual. This desire is quite natural, and everyone has the opportunity to choose the fun to their taste.


Interactive doll-karapuz, which canspeak, pronounce certain phrases. She responds to speech, "understands" the child's answers to her questions (as laid down by the program). Pupa knows some poems, fairy tales, songs. Milan responds to the change of position. When you turn upside down, she starts to "cry" and ask to be put on legs. Children really like this toy, they can play with it for hours.

Baby Baby

The popularity of this doll does not need anyoneprove. The beautiful baby Baby Bean is on everyone's lips. For a long time now the toy is one of the most popular gifts for any holidays. An interactive doll-carapus knows how to eat porridge from a plate, drink from a bottle, walk on a pot and even cry with real tears. In addition, the doll can safely bathe, without fear for its further condition. Girls usually like to play with Baby Bon.

baby doll alenka interactive

A doll resembles a child, as close as possibleto the growth and size of the newborn, so it's so enjoyable to do it. Some adults even buy Baby Bona for themselves, in order to re-experience the joy, feeling on their hands a small, helpless creature.

The doll-carapace "Alenka"

Interactive beauty is able to hitthe imagination not only of the child, but of any person not indifferent to the beautiful. This doll says individual phrases, conducts a cognitive dialogue with your child, answers his questions. The creators are programmed that Alenka blinks her eyes, moves her mouth synchronously with the speech. All this looks attractive enough and convincing.

interactive doll reviews

What else can Alyonka do? Puppet knows his name and at every opportunity he utters, reads poetry, pronounces counters, some riddles and tongue twisters. After the inclusion, she offers the child to get acquainted, choose the game you like from her personal arsenal. There are: "Alphabet", "Daughters-mothers", "Birthday".

Interactive doll-carapace: reviews

Present moms to some extent even envytheir daughters - at the time of their childhood such a toy variety was not. Pupae are really wonderful, with them a child can play for hours, forgetting everything in the world. Reviews on the sites are mostly positive, and even enthusiastic. The only drawback is a fairly high price, so this purchase is not affordable for everyone.

Thus, the interactive doll-carapace will bring a lot of pleasant impressions to your child. With the help of such a toy you can take a girl for a long time, to impress her imagination.

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