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Interactive dolls Baby Born: description, reviews. Toys for children

Childhood is a beautiful, carefree time. You can enjoy freedom, play with dolls, make plans for the future. To date, shop windows are full of a huge range of goods. Every child can choose what he likes. Dolls Baby Born enjoy great popularity in children 5-6 years. After all, this doll looks completely like an infant. He needs special care. Do not forget to feed him from a bottle, give a pacifier, make a mess, put it on a pot or change a diaper. It's not just a toy. The doll helps children take care, develops imagination. What to look for when buying, we'll figure it out in an article.

interactive doll baby born

Where the doll comes from

Baby Born dolls, perhaps, are known all over the world. They are issued by the German company Zapf Creation. Production of children's toys was started in the distant 1932. But things did not always go smoothly. During the war in 1938, the company was experiencing huge financial problems. The lack of materials, personnel - all this jeopardized the existence of the firm.

But fortunately, problems were avoided, andthe main thing is to enter the European market. The company made the first steps after it chose not plastic but its plastic as its main material for the production of dolls. And in 1991 there was a breakthrough in the toy industry. The company released the first doll, which has human features.

To date, the company is firmly on its feet and has a budget of more than 100 million euros per year.

baby doll baby boy

Consider a doll

The most favorite toy for girls - Baby dollBorn (43 cm). She has the same growth as the average baby at birth. In addition, there are 8 functions that increase the resemblance to the real crumb. Parents should not worry about changing batteries, the doll works and functions without them. How is this possible? Perhaps, this is one of the most popular questions on the forum. It's all about the complex mechanism and the tubes inside the toy.

It is sold in a beautiful box. Inside you will find the following accessories: 2 nipples, a feeding bottle, a plate, a spoon, a diaper, a pot, a birth certificate, a bracelet on your hand, a soluble porridge.

baby doll 43 cm

We study functions

The interactive Baby Born doll has 8 functions that will appeal and attract any crumbs.

A noodle can be fed. To do this, you need to cook a special mess. It comes complete with a toy. Special powder must be dissolved in cold water and mixed thoroughly with a spoon. Watch for clumps to form, otherwise the mechanism of the doll will fail. Feed the pups only in a horizontal position. The composition of the porridge includes food starch and flour, so you can not worry about the health of your child. All components are absolutely harmless.

After a dense dinner, it would be nice to drink everythingwater. And this doll can do. It is enough to pour cold water into a special bottle, insert it deeper into the mouth to open the valve, and press on the container. At the same time Baby Bern should be in an upright position. Never use tea, lemonade, milk and other similar drinks as a liquid.

A doll can cry, for this it needs to be well drunk or bathed. Then gently press on the right hand. You will see how tears will flow from the eyes of the toy.

Do not forget about the pot and diaper that go tobundled. The doll can be put in the toilet. It is enough to put it in the right position and put a little pressure on the head or the navel. Soaking up the liquid will be in the pot.

In addition to these functions, the pups can squeak, enoughclick on his left hand. Included are 2 nipples. Inserting one, you will see how the doll's eyes closed. The second is bundled just for the game, while not performing additional functions.

The interactive Baby Born doll is made of high quality plastic. At the pups arms, legs, head move. With it you can swim in the pool and take a bath.

doll baby born zapf creation

The child does not want to swim? There is a solution

In the family, there are often situations where a childcategorically does not want to take a bath. Bathing turns into a real torture for parents. Tears and scream become constant companions of this process. To improve the situation, the Baby Born Zapf Creation doll was invented. This is not just a navel, which requires care, but a real girlfriend, with whom it is interesting to take a bath.

The advantage of the doll is that as soon as sheis in the water, immediately begins to move his hands and feet, making swimming movements. The toy works on the batteries, which are not included in the kit. They should be purchased additionally. In the set with the doll are fins, a mask for snorkeling and an accessory in the form of an asterisk. Also, the producers took care of the towel so that the toy could be wiped off.

Not so long ago, on the shelves of the store appeared a doll Baby Born boy. Included in the kit are swimming trunks, fins, mask and crab, which can also be played.

We embody children's dreams

Dolls Baby Baby is not just toys, butreal friends for children. Specially for them models of wheelchairs, a series of clothes (beginning from panties with T-shirts and finishing a coat), cribs and many other things have been developed.

For dolls you can buy different accessories. Perhaps, the kid will want to wear a puppet in a special backpack, rock in the arena. All this you can buy, thereby delighting your kids.

dolls baby born

Are there any shortcomings

Many parents are interested, but are there any disadvantages to this toy? Of course, they are available:

  1. The mechanism is often clogged.

  2. It is required to untwist the doll to purge the system. It's hard to find a screwdriver to the cogs with which the puppet is fixed.

  3. Suitable for older children (age 6-7 years).

  4. Porridge quickly ends.

  5. To water a doll, you need to put a lot of effort.

Baby Born dolls certainly enjoy a hugepopularity at children, but before purchase it is necessary to understand what to look after a toy is hard enough. It is very unpleasant to see a child's tears when he can not put a doll on a pot or drink from a bottle.

Tips for parents

In general, reviews about the toy are wonderful. It is made of high-quality material, the most similar to the baby, is multifunctional. There are tips that are given by experienced parents whose children have long played such a doll:

  1. It is not necessary to bathe the doll for a long time, especially for salt and chlorinated water.

  2. If the liquid when bathing got inside the toy,it must be removed. Press the right hand, the water will come out in the form of tears. If it does not work, you can gently unscrew the cogs on your back and pour out the liquid.

  3. If water flows out of the mouth, the baby is not properly holding the bottle. It is important that the tip of the nipple is as far as possible.

  4. To keep the liquid from flowing out at once, keep the doll upright.

  5. It is necessary to properly plant the pups on the pot, so that his hips are in specially made notches. Do not forget to pinch your head a little.

  6. If the doll refuses to cry, then she drank an insufficient amount of water.

  7. Do not forget to rinse the toy. Try to do it so that children do not see the whole process.

    baby doll toy baby born

As a conclusion

Baby Born dolls are designed according to the latesttechnologies. Only safe materials are used. The toy is capable to cause the child a sense of responsibility, care and love. Pups will become a real friend for the baby. Do not worry about its functionality. All is thought over to trifles.

Every child should have toys. Baby Born dolls will help the baby to feel love and care for his neighbor. Due to their functions, they resemble the baby as much as possible, and they need to be looked after. If your child is actively playing with the pups, you can be sure that he can help you in the education of a brother or sister.

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