/ / Baby Born bathtub interactive: an excellent accessory for doll-pups and a lot of emotions for your child

Baby Born Bath Interactive: A great accessory for doll-pups and a lot of emotions for your child

The German company "Zapf Creation" is known onthe market of children's products for more than a decade and is the recognized leader in the production of puppet dolls and accessories for them. The Baby Born series, which includes baby dolls, capable of performing almost all the same actions as real kids, as well as clothes and objects for their care, has its history since 1991 and today acts as a pretty serious rival even for such cult brands like "Barbie" and "Bratz". Now the special popularity in children's shops uses such an accessory as the Baby Born bathtub is interactive. We propose to find out more in detail what kind of toy it is and what is the secret of its attractiveness for young lovers to play "daughter-mothers" and their parents.

Baby Born bath interactive

Bath Baby Born: how to play with it?

Bathing is one of the favorite procedures for everyone.children. Splash in warm water with fragrant foam, in a company with toys - what can be more fun? It is not surprising that these kids love to do with their dolls, while fulfilling the role of caring parents. Baby Born Pups are very realistic toys, so a special bath was created for their bathing. With her, the process of washing your beloved baby Baby Born will become even more exciting and informative. Baby Born is a bath made from high-quality environmentally friendly materials, so parents can be absolutely calm for the health and safety of their babies. Of course, since the child will have to deal with water, it is better to conduct such games under the supervision of adults.

Baby Born bath interactive: device and basic equipment

Baby Born Bath

What is the Baby Born bath andwhy is it called interactive? A bath from this series is not just a container for bathing a puppet, it is a whole mechanism that will make this process unforgettable for the child. When buying in the kit you will receive:

  • the bath itself;
  • A special base with built-in LED backlight and speaker;
  • superstructure on a bath with a shower and a place for the arrangement of toy dolls;
  • a tube for connecting the shower to the water supply;
  • a duck toy;
  • soft blue towel.

Baby Born: a foamy aromatic bath for the pups and a lot of terrific emotions for the baby

Baby Born foamy fragrant bath

Bath Baby Born - this is an opportunity to washa toy baby and in a room, and in the bathroom in the process of bathing the baby. Baby Born - the bath is interactive and multifunctional. If your child decides to take care of his doll during the day, you can turn on the backlight and sound, and then the water in the tub will play in different colors, and from it will be heard the merry children's laughter and gurgling. Backlight and speaker work from usual "finger" AA batteries. To make the bathing of the navel even more realistic, you can attach the shower on the tub to the domestic water pipe with a special tube and open the water supply by pressing the pump button located next to the shower itself. If necessary, you can take a bath Baby Born and into an adult bath, before removing it from the base to ensure the safety of the backlight and sound.

As you can see, Baby Born bathtub isa real miracle for your child. It is sure to give any little girl who learns the role of mom in games with the Baby Born puppet, a lot of amazing experiences and at the same time will teach how to properly use the bath and shower. In a word, this is an excellent gift that will bring joy to your baby, and hence the whole family!

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