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A simple recipe of a protein cocktail at home

prescription of protein cocktail at home

It's no secret that the protein is useful fororganism. In addition, many are advised to increase its number if a person sits on a protein diet. There are different recipes for protein shakes, it is important only that the basis is milk and cottage cheese, always with a low fat content. In addition to these products can go bananas, yogurt, dried fruits, eggs and ice cream. In any case, you can prepare this cocktail yourself.

A recipe for a protein cocktail at home

The most important thing in the preparation of this drink -correctly selected basis. The ideal component will be milk, which contains about three grams of pure protein per 100 ml. As a rule, 350 ml of low-fat milk is added to the prescription of the protein cocktail at home. If you are very fond of sweet, then you can easily indulge yourself with ice cream, but in this case, you should limit yourself to 200 grams. Another ingredient, rich in protein, is cottage cheese. In addition, it is still rich in a variety of different vitamins and trace elements. With it, you can get an excellent home-made protein shake. The recipe standard includes 150 grams of this product. Often in such drinks add eggs.

home protein prescription cocktail

The best quail will be suitable, sincethe use of such a cocktail can easily pick up salmonella. 5 eggs will add 6 grams of protein to your drink. Now came the turn of the fruit. Of course, these products do not have much protein. However, the richness of carbohydrates will provide the body with the necessary energy and will replenish the level of glycogen.

The most popular fruit included in the recipeprotein cocktail at home, is a banana. Without him, perhaps, not a single drink of this type. Remember, one banana weighs an average of 125 grams, which gives you 3 grams of protein. In addition, you can add dried apricots. However, its disadvantage is that it will not be completely crushed.

Mode of application

prescriptions for protein cocktails

Experts recommend taking proteincocktail on the days of training, although many believe that it can be drunk on a daily basis. During training days, it is not superfluous to mix a double portion of the drink.

On average, about a liter is obtained. The first half is recommended to drink an hour before the workout, and the second half is recommended immediately after classes. You can change the prescription of protein cocktail at home. The main thing is that its components are richprotein. The most popular products include kefir, yoghurt, kumis, cream, condensed milk, fermented milk, curdled milk, sour cream and butter. Remember that effective protein digestion requires a lot of water. So it is very important to drink it at 2.5 liters per day. Especially it concerns those who sit on low-calorie diets. Mixing all the above ingredients, you probably will soon prepare the cocktail that will suit you. Consuming it according to the recommendations, you will soon notice the brilliant results.

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