/ Salad from sea cocktail. Recipe for any holiday

Salad from sea cocktail. Recipe for any holiday

Salad from a sea cocktail, the recipe of which will beis considered below, - surprisingly tasty and useful dish. It can also be put on a festive table, and for a normal lunch break to do. The benefits of all the ingredients of the dish are so great that, after eating a portion, you can get a charge of vivacity, positive emotions and a lot of vitamins that are necessary for the body. We suggest to consider several variations on the theme of ocean snacks.

Salad from sea cocktail. The recipe for a hot snack

salad of sea cocktail recipe

To prepare this dish, in addition to the seafood in400 grams of vegetables will be needed, it is better to use a frozen mixture. So, heat up the frying pan with butter, put on it roughly chopped garlic, bring it to softness and remove, it will not be used further. Add a sea cocktail to the fragrant liquid and cook over high heat for a couple of minutes. Then reduce the power, pour frozen vegetables into the container (carrots, celery, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini). Cook all 10 minutes, if necessary, dilute with a few tablespoons of water. In the end, add salt and pour three spoons of soy sauce. When feeding, you can use chopped greens.

Salad from sea cocktail in oil

salad of sea cocktail in oil

If you use fresh vegetables for cooking,you can achieve the originality and brightness of the dish. Cut tomato and pepper strips, chop the red onion and beat it with boiling water. In a frying pan, heat a piece of butter and fry the sea cocktail until the liquid evaporates, cool. Connect the ingredients, add greens. Season with lemon juice, and after a few minutes, when the ingredients soak up the liquid, add the olive oil.

Salad from sea cocktail

A photo of these dishes looks very appetizing,for example, if you combine fried seafood with soy sauce, add a rucola to them and fill with an unusual gravy. To create it in a deep container mix a couple of spoons of sour cream, as much juice of lime and olive oil, a spoonful of sugar (preferably brown), a pinch of chili and a couple of dried tomatoes. With the mixture, pour the dish before serving.

Salad from sea cocktail. Recipe with sauce

Oceanic gifts need to boil a fewminutes, put them in a colander, let drain the liquid. In the meantime, cut the sweet peppers into strips and combine them with seafood. Whisk with mayonnaise and mayonnaise and olive oil, add chopped garlic for piquancy. Serve on lettuce leaves with sauce.

Salad from sea cocktail. Recipe with avocado

salad from a smooth cocktail photo
Spread out the oil in the frying pan (this can becream or olive), fry the garlic flakes in it until soft and discard. Add oceanic gifts, bring to rouge in a couple of minutes. In the meantime, clean the exotic fruit and cut it into cubes, combine it with the toast. Grind the green onion and add to the mixture. In a separate container, mix three tablespoons of lime juice with soy sauce (the same amount), add chopped chives (fresh). Season the salad.


No guest will remain indifferent to such an exotic dish as a salad of sea cocktail, which can be varied with pieces of mango or various original dressings.

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