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Ovulation is late: the characteristics of the female body

Ovulation is one of the main stagesmenstrual cycle of every woman. At this stage, there is a rupture of the walls in the follicle, in which the egg, which is in a mature state, comes out and is completely ready for the fertilization process. Also happens and late ovulation. This is due to the fact that the process of regulating the gonads in a woman is quite thin, and any impact of external and internal factors can cause a malfunction. The presumptions of this phenomenon include the occurrence of infection or stress. There is also the possibility of changes due to sharp climate changes and a change in the region of residence. Late ovulation, the reasons for which are quite diverse, is a widespread phenomenon in women. Sometimes even a small scandal or a dispute can affect the behavior of the body.

As a rule, the process of the release of a mature eggand its further transportation to the mucous part of the uterus falls on the average period of the menstrual cycle. With an average cycle duration of 28 days, the ovulation process should occur no later than 14 days. When delaying the release of the egg, up to 18 days, doctors state the fact that ovulation is late. However, it was observed that most women characterize the yield of the egg in the second half of the cycle. That is why, in order to accurately determine the presence of a malfunction, it is recommended to pass specialized tests. In particular, ultrasound, and systematic measurement of temperature for several cycles within 6 months.

In addition, I would like to note that if the cycleis more than 28 days, the release of the egg from the follicle on day 20 in principle can not be considered a malfunction in the body. Thus, diagnosing a phenomenon such as late ovulation is almost impossible at home. Only a complete examination of the body, including clarification of the hormonal background, and a comprehensive endocrinological study, can provide the correct answer to the question of delaying the process. Consultation of a specialist is also very important.

Late ovulation and pregnancy are notcontradictory phenomena. If the cause of late ovulation is not an infection or a complex of inflammatory processes, it can not become a barrier to pregnancy. However, it is very important to have an active sex life with only one partner, and, of course, do not use contraception. Also, a common failure becomes only a theory in those cases when the cycle is much longer than the average established indicators. If pregnancy does not occur, it is recommended to perform an accurate time count for the period of ovulation. For this, the cycle time must be divided into two. You will get a day when your body is ready for fertilization. Do not panic if the calculations did not bring the result. It's enough just to go to the gynecologist's appointment and clarify the reason. Late ovulation does not adversely affect the baby and does not cause complications during the baby's bearing. In this situation, ovulation can be timed to the individual characteristics of each individual organism.

Ovulation late in some cases appearsonly a consequence of a malfunction of the hormonal background and inflammation in the genitals. However, it should also be noted that in this situation, the phenomenon is accompanied by a long list of ailments. To it it is possible to carry a long menstruation, a plenty of blood at a menses, allocation of a blood during a cycle, sharp changes in appearance and other. These factors make it extremely urgent to consult a doctor and begin intensive treatment. Otherwise, there may be health problems.

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