/ How to choose a snowball? Reviews about models and manufacturers, owner's advice

How to choose a snowball? Reviews about models and manufacturers, owner's advice

The traditional design is familiar to manyRussians sledges are gradually disappearing into the past, leaving a place for more perfect snowmobiles. This technology wins the predecessor due to ergonomics, functionality and reliability. And this is not to mention driving qualities - the device of modern models provides an aerodynamic effect, which increases the operational capabilities of the design. Still, a wide variety of models can confound anyone who wishes to acquire a quality snowball for their child. Feedback from users who are generally positive about this technique will help you understand the nuances of choice. But first you need to understand the key characteristics of such devices.

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What is a snowball?

This is a kind of winter transport. Typically, the design is designed for use by children, but there are also models for adults. A distinctive feature of this technique in comparison with the classic sled is the presence of a brake mechanism, seating and steering. The most common version is a snowball with a backrest. Comments on such modifications indicate their convenience and a higher level of security. Outwardly, the technique can also be reminiscent of full-fledged snowmobiles, but this comparison reveals even more distinctive features. The main difference is that snowmobiles are supplied with a special drive with a motor thrust. At the same time, an uncomplicated design still gives a lot of room for designers and designers, as a result of which different models with their technical characteristics and features appear.

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The main criteria for choosing a snowmobile

The focus should be on constructiveperformance. First of all, this applies to the implementation of the ski base, seating and braking system. Based on these data, the capacity, load capacity and the location of several people are determined. An important criterion of choice is the material of manufacture. If the model has a body, then it must be made of a durable alloy of metals, like skis. But we should not ignore the models that use plastic. These include the snowball "Timka Sport", reviews of which note the strength and reliability of materials. Its design combines both metal elements and frost-resistant plastic with an impact-resistant structure. An important element of the device is the braking system. It is advisable to choose a technique with divided mechanisms, since in the event of a single pedal failure, the second one will allow braking.

Reviews about the line "Timka"

Start a survey of snowmobile manufacturers withcompany Nika, which offers a whole family of models "Timka". Owners for the most part positively respond about this product, noting reliability, durability and safety of equipment. These characteristics are explained by the massive construction, which uses steel elements and high-quality plastic. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing the ergonomics enjoyed by the Timka snowball. The reviews praise the comfort of the soft seat, the grip of the steering wheel and the availability of automation, in particular for the collection of the tow brake.

However, in terms of performance, there aresome problems. Dynamics and speed cause positive impressions, which, however, is not surprising given the large mass. But at the same time maneuverability suffers. Handling such models is not always convenient because of the massive construction and the same weight. There is one more nuance - many users criticize Nika snowballs for the uselessness of the brake when driving on ice.

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Reviews about SnowStorm models

Snowmobiles from the Kaliningrad manufacturerSnowStorm also differ in the high quality of the materials of manufacture, but at the same time they are spared from the shortcomings of budgetary equipment. According to the owners, the models of this company provide a high level of comfort and safety. For ergonomics is a comfortable seat and a frost-resistant steering wheel, and during the movement you can feel the benefit of the optimal depreciation settings. The shape of the skis with which SnowStorm is snowed is also noteworthy. The testimonies indicate that the representatives of the Pro series are able to move not only forward, but also back, and also perform various stunts with rotations. For the possibility of controlling the child, the designers of the design have thought out and a roomy seat on which the adult can also sit. In addition, it is worth mentioning euphonious opinions about the design of models of this brand - the manufacturer gives different versions of the original style, dividing them according to gender, for girls and boys.

Comments about Yamaha models

Foreign brands, under which are issuedwinter technology, are represented in Russia quite widely. One of the leading places in the market is Yamaha products. Usually this brand is associated with extreme snowmobiles, but there is also a children's snowman in its family, which is confirmed by the high level of quality of Japanese technology. In particular, the Snowbike series is represented by modifications with ergonomic control, a reliable base and a wide range of auxiliary functions. The features of such models include a low landing, which gives the structure stability and reduces the risk of coups. If we talk about the disadvantages of snowballs, then the detachment of the adhesive tape comes to the fore. In the rest the models are characterized by reliability, good sliding and convenience in operation.

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Reviews about Snow Moto models

In the model line of Snow Moto can be founddevices of a higher class, which are designed for use by both children and adults. This is a family of Polaris Dragon, which features functional and robust devices. As the users themselves note, the design is executed soundly and without defects. To create a frame, high-strength steel was used, and the streamlined body was made of frost-resistant plastic. The quality of the working mechanisms by which a snowball is provided is also noted. The reviews highly appreciate the work of brake mechanisms, and well thought out cushioning, which allows you to easily and conveniently overcome uneven areas of snow cover. A special form of side skis with curved edges deserves attention. As in the case of SnowStorm models, this design solution increases the maneuverability of the snowmobile and, on the whole, improves driving performance.

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Reviews of the models "Bars"

The difference between ordinary sleds and snowcatsis quite large, which can be traced not only in the design, but also in the price tag. If you need an inexpensive model with a convenient and reliable design, then you should contact the brand "Bars". According to the owners, the manufacturer does not offer any special technical delicacies, but the basic level of quality of performance is guaranteed. This is a simple snowman, reviews of which note the comfort of a soft seat, the strength of frost-resistant materials and ergonomic steering. Also worth emphasizing the possibility of folding the back, a comfortable stand for the legs and an effective braking system.

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Recommendations of owners by choice

In addition to the basic requirements for materials anddesigns, users advise paying attention to the presence of additional accessories. For example, in the list of such devices must be a seat belt, which will insure the child. Such a device, in particular, is equipped with a snowball "Timka" with a backrest. Reviews also criticize many manufacturers for the lack of pens and a strong cable for the tug. It would seem that these are nonessential elements, but in the practice of using snow melts their value increases. It is recommended that the owners provide for the presence of wheels that will allow the free movement of the equipment not only along the snow cover.

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Of course, in the selection process one should not ignoreand wishes of the child. Usually the addictions of young extremals are expressed in sympathy for the external design in which the snowman is performed. Reviews in this regard recommend turning to bright colors, which will allow to notice the object at long distances. There are no problems in this choice - almost every model is executed in a memorable and colorful style, which satisfies both the needs of children and the demands of adults. As for the cost of snowballs, it is quite democratic against the background of other winter equipment. Already for 1,5-2 thousand rubles. you can find a good quality device with all the necessary functions.

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