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Pumping of pectoral muscles at home

What first do beginners do when they come togym? Make a bench press. For some reason, there was a stereotype that it is the bench press lying that is an exercise that shows the real power of a person. Although he develops only the upper humeral girdle, pectoral muscles and triceps.

Beginning bodybuilders believe that without itit is impossible to develop voluminous pectoral muscles. This can be disagreed, although, of course, it is desirable to add the bench press to the training program.

Not everyone has the opportunity to train the nursingmuscles in the hall: someone does not have enough time, others can not allocate money for training. After reading this article, you will understand that the pumping of pectoral muscles is possible at home. Try all the exercises below, and make up your own training complex, which will help you to make the muscles of the chest wider and more spacious without leaving home.

What exercises can I do at home?

Of course, much depends on thatsports equipment that you have at home. If you have at least a couple of dumbbells and a bench, you can do a huge amount of exercise on the chest. Not having anything, it is possible to pumping pectoral muscles with push-ups from the floor.

pumping of pectoral muscles

If all the same the necessary minimum of theseshells you have, you can perform bench press dumbbell and wiring, which are an effective way to increase the muscles of the chest. Let's consider each of the exercises in more detail, as well as the correct technique for their implementation.

Press of dumbbells

This exercise is performed both in the hall and intime home exercises. The pumping of the pectoral muscles without such a press is simply impossible. To perform it, as already mentioned above, you will need two dumbbells and a bench. If you do not have a special bench, then it is better to purchase this sports equipment, which will always come in handy. But if you do not want to spend money on it, then you can use an ordinary shop, if there is one.

In case of using a self-made bench, consider that it should not stand unsteady, otherwise the performance of exercises on it can end sadly.

pumping pectoral muscles at home

So, you set up a bench and prepared dumbbells. Next, take their hands and lie down along. Straighten your arms in this way, as if holding a barbell. This will be the starting position.

Begin slowly to lower the dumbbells to the leveland, as soon as they touch it, immediately, with an intense movement upward, squeeze them. That is, down dumbbells should fall slowly, and upward climb much more quickly.

In order to observe the correct technique, do notchase after a large weight of dumbbells. You should be enough for 10-12 repetitions in 3-4 approaches. At the moment of movement down, try to lower your arms along the lateral trajectory, otherwise you will have triceps working, and the pumping of the pectoral muscles will be reduced to zero.

Change the angle of inclination

The key to success in building muscle isconstant shock of the body with new loads that will stimulate the release of testosterone and faster protein synthesis for the construction of new muscle fibers.

pumping of lower pectoral muscles

Do not constantly perform bench presses only ona bench that will be parallel to the floor. If you have the opportunity, change the angle. Than it will be more in relation to a floor, the more loading will move on the top humeral belt more strongly. If the angle is reduced, the pumping of the lower pectoral muscles will be effective.

In case you use a self-made bench, under it you can put several books on one side and, thus, you change the working angle of the slope.

Dumbbell lying down

Developing your chest muscles, you can not do withoutsuch an exercise as the construction of dumbbells. With this exercise, the pumping of the pectoral muscles will go faster, since it promotes the maximum stretching of the muscle fascia. Due to this, the muscles will grow even faster.

Accept the starting position, as in the previous exercise. But in this case, the dumbbells must be lowered not in a straight line. Hands must move along a circular axis.

pumping pectoral muscles in the gym

Imagine what you want to pat and for thatyou need to make a big swing from behind. Tear off the scapula at the time of lowering of hands, then in the same way return to the starting position. You will feel how much your pectoral muscles will stretch. "The time of one repetition should not be less than 4 seconds," as the famous athlete Ronnie Coleman said, who is the multiple champion of various bodybuilding competitions.

It will be enough to make 2-3 approaches for the maximum number of times, which should fluctuate within 10-15 repetitions.


Do not underestimate the role of push-ups, withoutwhich pumping pectoral muscles at home will not be so effective. Usually in gyms this exercise is not done because of the abundance of various sports equipment and simulators that perfectly replace it.

But home push-ups from the floor - this is an effective tool for developing the muscles of the chest. It can be performed both without additional weight and weighting.

The starting position is the point of lying. Put your hands in the palm of your hand, the grip is wider than your shoulders. Note that the further you spread on the sides of the hand, the more pectoral muscles will be included in the work. However, you should not place your hands completely, otherwise you will not be able to do it once, and there will also be a high probability of damage to the shoulder joints or muscle fibers.

exercises for pumping the pectoral muscles

Keep your muscles tight all the time

It is necessary to go down until, between the floor andYour chest will not reach a distance of 1-2 cm. Do not completely fall to the floor, as there will be a great temptation to relax and "lie down to rest".

If you press easily more than 20-30 times, thenit is worth taking care of weighting. It can be like books hidden in a backpack, and dumbbells or a pancake, if they are securely fixed on the back. Four approaches for this exercise will be just right.

Working with rubber or a tourniquet

Considering exercises for pumping the nursingmuscles, it is worth mentioning and working with rubber or a tourniquet. Rubber of the correct length and good elasticity also allow you to effectively develop pectoral muscles and it is universal, since with it you can do almost any exercise.

For example, pumping the pectoral muscles in the gym means doing crossover. You can make them at home. How?

You will need two rubber or plaits. If the door frame is wide enough, then from above on both corners fix one end of the bundle. In another case, try to fix the tows at one level in the opposite walls of the room (you can use a cabinet and other furniture).

pumping of pectoral muscles by push-ups

At the other ends of the projectiles, make loops andtake them with your hands. On the circular axis, keep your hands out until the palms touch each other. Then slowly pull your hands back to a comfortable position. Repeat this 15-20 times, depending on your physical shape, as well as the tension force of the bundles.

Train regularly

Apparently, exercises that can be donePectoral muscles are stronger and more voluminous at home, there is. It remains to find strength in yourself to start classes. This can be done only when you set a clear goal.

Regular exercise of the exercises listed above will not make your breasts a "wheel", like the young Arnold Schwarzenegger, but will help keep it in good enough shape and gradually develop.

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