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Observation site of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg: address, mode of operation

What if I want to see all at oncecity? The best way to do this is to visit the observation deck. These are in different cities, they are in the northern capital. More precisely, there are several of them, they are located in different buildings of the city. But the undoubted advantage over other high-rise buildings is St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, the viewing platform of which shows a fairly large historical central part of the city.


St. Isaac's Cathedral is a symbolic building. It has a very interesting and significant historical past for Russia. In addition, it is one of the largest temples of the city.

observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral
Its value among the Orthodox churches issecond place, at the very first is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Who designed St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg (Reverend Isaac of Dalmatia)? The architect who created this temple is Auguste Montferrand.

Where is St. Isaac's Cathedral: address

A well-known Orthodox church was built in the centerPetersburg on St. Isaac's Square. This is remarkable not only because the St. Isaac's Cathedral itself is interesting, it is located in the neighborhood with many other historically significant architectural structures. That is why great success has an observation deck, which has St. Isaac's Cathedral, the address: St. Petersburg, St. Isaac's Square, house number 1.

Museum in the Cathedral

The temple is at the same time an accessorychurch, since nineteen ninety-first year in it daily hold divine services, at the same time it has the status of the state museum. The museum prepares a lot of interesting projects that can interest any, even the most sophisticated tourist. So, even in the distant past two thousand and two the employees realized an interesting transport (bus and river) project called "Cathedral Ring".

St. Isaac's Cathedral lookout price
It introduces tourists to the temple culture of the city. Such excursions subsequently became permanent. In addition, the subjects of excursions varied. There were those who are dedicated to the besieged Leningrad, the Romanov dynasty, the literary and musical life of the city, and many others. Guided tours guide, you can order an audio guide.


Petersburg residents and guests are invitedthe most interesting concert program. In the temples there are concerts of organ and chamber music. The choir of the Smolny Cathedral also performs. For visitors, works of spiritual and classical music are performed by the best representatives of the classical music world, both Russian and foreign. Many performances are recorded on CDs. They can be bought in souvenir kiosks to later enjoy your favorite music at home, remember visiting the cathedral.

In the museum visitors can purchase a largethe number of souvenirs and printed products about the history of St. Isaac's Cathedral. The museum pays much attention to children. To work with them, the program "Museum - School" was developed. According to it, students are told in an interesting way about the history of the cathedral, Orthodoxy, religious culture and secular ethics and many other topics. For those who want not only to see, but also to get to know the history of the city, they organize thematic excursions. Every year they become more interesting. This is not surprising, because museum workers conduct a large research work, reveal new facts, restore new exhibits, hold many scientific conferences, where experts from all over the world share their experience.


The decoration of the cathedral is very beautiful. In its interior harmoniously combine various directions of monumental and decorative art. Architectural solutions of the premises are perfectly combined with the decoration of the temple. Sculptural ensembles are unique. In addition, the cathedral presents more than one hundred and fifty paintings with biblical subjects.


Visitors can visit the museum, as well as climbon the observation deck. There you can enjoy the most magnificent views of St. Petersburg. The height of the observation deck is almost fifty meters, so the review from it is very good.

St.Isaac's Cathedral address
You can go up to the observation deck byan ancient spiral stone staircase. It has two hundred and eleven steps. This is indicated by the numbers on each of them. Rising up the stairs, each tourist gets to the roof of the cathedral, and then to the platform with columns. This colonnade is the observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

This ladder is unique in its architecturalidea. Tourists who visited the most famous observation platforms of the world, note that it is not difficult to climb stairs, despite the high altitude. While walking on foot, for example, on the platform of the Eiffel Tower tires much more.

"Accessible environment"

The great achievement of recent years is the application ofprogram "Accessible Environment". Now the observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral is accessible even for people with disabilities. It helped that a hundred years ago there was a lifting mechanism.

St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Based on his opportunity to buildelevator. This has helped recently a huge number of people with disabilities to see the city from a great height, which they could not have dreamed of before. The guidance of the observation platform warns that the elevator will be used only for its intended purpose. That is, any visitor will not be able to use it.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the screwThe staircase, the colonnade and the observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral were built much later than the temple itself, they fit perfectly into the style of the entire architectural ensemble.


A walk through the observation deck will introducechic views. First before the visitors are the St. Isaac Square, the square with the same name, the monument to Emperor Nicholas I. Then the view stops at the Mariinsky Palace, then the historical buildings of the Astoria hotel complex are visible. Moving on, you can see the Alexander Garden.

observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral
Then tourists will see the former Senate and the Synod onSenate Square. Now these buildings are occupied by the presidential library and the Constitutional Court. Then go Admiralteysky spire and Palace Square, and behind it the Winter Palace. In the background, the Neva and residential buildings can be seen, as well as the Church of Our Savior on the Blood and the Kazan Cathedral.

Working hours

A magnificent view gives an observation deckSt. Isaac's Cathedral. The mode of operation at different times of the year is somewhat different. In winter, the site can be accessed daily from 11 to 18 hours. Wednesday is a day off.

St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg observation deck

It is necessary to know that the cash desk closes for an hourbefore, otherwise you may not be in time to close. In the summer, except for the already mentioned hours, there are still additional, when people can visit the site. It is very convenient for those who want not only to get acquainted with the views, but also to enjoy the white nights, in which the observation platform of St. Isaac's Cathedral will help. The regime of work in the white nights - from 19 to 4 o'clock in the morning.

Ticket price

The entrance to the observation deck is paid. It is necessary to remember this for everyone who wants to visit St. Isaac's Cathedral. The viewing platform, the price of which is quite low, attracts a lot of visitors.

View height
Ticket price from 50 (for children and disabled people)up to 250 rubles (for adults). For people with disabilities, the observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral is completely free. But they can attend it only by appointment, this is due to the fact that the elevator is placed a few wheelchairs.


The observation platform of St. Isaac's Cathedral opens a magnificent panorama of the city. Those who have visited here will never forget these moments of contact with the history that this wonderful temple gives.

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