/ How to determine the type of face and skin type?

How to determine the type of face and skin type?

Competently chosen hairstyle and makeup adorn any woman. In order to fulfill them, you need to know the features of your appearance. In this article we will tell you how to determine the type of face and skin.

how to determine the type of person

Before determining the type of face, it is necessary tosome preparations. Collect hair, remove makeup, jewelry, glasses. Stand in front of the mirror so you can see your face and neck. Now visually or using a ruler, compare the width and length of the forehead, the area of ​​the cheekbones, the chin. There are several basic types of face shape:

  1. Triangle: Length and width about equal, narrow chin, high cheekbones.
  2. Square: width and length are almost equal, clear lines of the face.
  3. Circle: width and length are almost equal, smooth facial features.
  4. "Brilliant": the width of the chin and forehead is narrower than the width of the cheekbones, the clear lines of the face.
  5. Rectangle: length greater than width, clear outline of face.
  6. Oval: The length of the face is wider than the width, the high forehead.

One more form of person should be mentioned,which is rare. This is a "pear", or an inverted triangle. Its main feature is that the area of ​​the chin and jaws is much wider than the forehead. Now you know how to determine the type of face.

Remember that there is no ideal form. The main thing is to know how to determine the shape of a person and win it out successfully. Do not believe me? Look at your favorite actresses, singers and TV presenters. Not all of them have a classical oval face shape.

how to determine the shape of the face

A beautiful make-up is inconceivable without well-groomed skin. To achieve its ideal state, you need to determine its type correctly. How to know the type of facial skin? Do a simple test. Remove makeup, wash with a neutral remedy and do not apply the cream. After 3 hours, attach a paper napkin to your face and look at it. If on it there were insignificant fat traces, at you a normal skin. If there are many spots, look how they are located. Evenly - the skin is oily, in the T-zone - combined. The absence of any trace indicates a dry type.

It is also necessary to closely monitor the skinafter washing, changing cosmetic products, exposure to heat, frost and wind. Allocate the following types: dry, normal, combined, fatty, problematic, sensitive.

Dry skin is distinguished by the allocation of smallthe amount of sebum and sweat. Therefore, the pores on it are almost invisible, the face has a matte surface. After washing, there may appear a feeling of tightness, redness, peeling. Such skin requires careful and correct care. It includes gentle cleansing without soap and alcohol, intensive moisturizing.

Sensitive skin reacts sharply to a changeweather, change of care, medications taken, hot water, etc. Care should be taken to choose care for this type, because allergic reactions are possible. It is better to use organic cosmetics.

Skin normal type can boast onlyone fifth of the total population. Basically, these are children. Such skin is characterized by a uniform tone, lack of sebaceous shine and appreciable pores, a sufficient level of moistening. Therefore, it does not need special care. It is enough to cleanse yourself every day from dirt, toning and moisturizing.

Combined skin has its own characteristicsigns. On the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead), it is fat and porous, and on the cheeks is dry. In this regard, it is preferable to apply different means for these areas.

Distinctive features of a fatty skin type areoily shine, enlarged pores. They are caused by more intensive work of the sebaceous glands. Because of this, the pores are quickly clogged with sebum and can become inflamed. Then the oily skin becomes also problem.

Problem skin brings its owners a lottroubles. These are "black dots", subcutaneous inflammations, pimples, post-acne. For oily and problem skin is important quality, but soft cleansing. These can be foams and gels for washing with neutral ph, tonics and lotions without alcohol. For moistening, use emulsions and water-based gels.

how to know the type of facial skin

Now you know how to determine the type of face, and you can easily make up your hair and make up your hair. And having defined or determined with type of a skin, without effort will pick up correct leaving or care.

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