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How to learn to play the harmonica at home

The harmonica is one of the most popularmusical instruments. It fits perfectly with guitar, harmony and other instruments. One of its features is a small size, you can take it with you on any trip or trek, while playing harmony will please and will not give you boredom. You just need to be able to do it. So, how to learn to play the harmonica?

how to learn to play the harmonica
To begin with it is necessary to acquire it, also notinterfere with perseverance and patience. If desired, any interested person, either an experienced musician, or a person far from musical education can learn to play the harmonica. The lip accordion is a wind instrument with two sides, that is, the sound goes both on exhalation and on inspiration. Compared to guitar, piano and other instruments, it is much easier to learn to play on a harmonica, but it also requires training and patience.

In order to learn to play on the labialaccordion, it is necessary to learn the correct location of lips and tongue, to study the technique of whistling. After all, it is the whistle that is the basis of the game on this instrument. For this, the lips need to be squeezed while whistling, without changing the position of the accordion. It is advisable to first choose one hole and direct the air flow directly through it. If everything is correct, a clear sound will be heard, without interference and wheezing. Having mastered this exercise, you can proceed to the next. Folding the language with the letter "U", and taking the instrument on the lips, cover the three holes, covering the tongue with two holes, constantly alternating them.

accordion game
At first it will be difficult, but if desired it is quitecan learn. Such an exercise will help you master the technique of moving the melody up and down. Next, the lips are covered with four holes on the instrument, while trying to ensure that the accordion allows you to breathe freely. By tongue to cover three holes, to inhale and exhale through one hole. To clean the sound, the language needs to be relaxed.

Such exercises are very popular among labial harmonics. They will make it possible to learn how to play this instrument qualitatively.

There are other ways, or rather advice, likelearn to play the harmonica. Here's one of them: to put your breath right. For this without tools, it is recommended to inhale and exhale several times in a row through the nose, then through the mouth, and then inhale slowly through the nose, and exhale through the mouth, and vice versa. Such an exercise must be done every day and follow while the breath is equal and equal. Having practiced without a harmony, you can proceed to the statement of breathing directly through the instrument. The main thing is to monitor the frequency and strength of breathing and listen to the reproduced sounds on the instrument.

learn to play the harmonica
It is worth noting that playing the accordion is not so easy as it seems, since there are a lot of melodies. They sound differently, depending on the position of the lips, the tongue, the force of the exhaled air.

In order to understand more precisely how to learnplay on the harmonica, it is worth to buy video and audio CDs with the lessons of the game, which will help you to clearly understand the above exercises. On the bookshelves you can find literature devoted entirely to the question of how to learn to play the harmonica, where all the secrets of this musical craft are described in great detail. Do not interfere and special books on the basics of musical theory.

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