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Electronic clock VST: description, instruction

Electronic watches produced by VST are increasing andmore gaining popularity in the electronics market. They are made in China. VST watches are made in a modern design and have several options. Desktop models, thanks to the folding leg on the body, can be placed anywhere: on the table, shelf, bedside table, etc. Also available are wall-mounted electronic watches VST, which are suspended on the wall.

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Short description

The watch company VST, performed in a strict andlaconic design, look very comfortable and at the same time quite modern. All models have a 24-hour time format and an alarm clock. In addition, some wall-desktop options have a voice message of the time. All VST watches have backup power. In case of emergency power failure, the time in the memory of the clock remains. When you turn on the light, you do not need to adjust the clock and alarm clock. Also, each model has different color schemes.

In general, the VST clock in circulation is quite simple andquite consistent with their price category. They will look great not only on the bedside table in the bedroom, but in the office on the desktop. Performed in a beautiful design, with streamlined corners, the clock will easily fit into the interior of absolutely any residential or office space.

The body is made of a high degree of plastic strength. The kit includes instructions in Russian.

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Alarm clock

One of the main functions of the VST clock isbuilt-in alarm clock. Choosing from the range of signals one of the most liked, your morning rise can be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. For those who like to take a nap, a separate call delay button is provided. Repeated signal certainly will not allow you to sleep at work.

The VST clock operates at 220 V. In the event of a power outage, an autonomous power supply is provided that operates on two batteries. It should be remembered that in the event of a breakdown of the watch, to avoid electric shock, open the case and try to repair the device yourself.

watch vst instruction

Watch VST: instruction

All models are equipped with the following buttons:

  • Volume.
  • Tuning control.
  • AM / FM band switch.
  • Alarm settings.
  • Time settings.
  • Minute settings.

To adjust the time, press andhold down the [Time] button. To set the clock, press the [Clock] button, minutes - the [Minutes] button and hold until the desired time is set. Then release the [Time] button.

The alarm time is set as follows:

1. Press the [Function Selection] button.

2. Set alarm time:

  • Press and hold the [Alarm] button.
  • Press the [Clock] button to set the hour.
  • Press the [Minute] button to set the minutes.
  • Release the [Alarm] button.
  • To check the alarm time, it is necessary to restore the settings as above.

In order to set an alarm (standard signal), you must:

  • Configure, as shown above, the alarm time.
  • Toggle [Function Selection] to [AUTO].
  • Rotate [Volume] until you hear a click.
  • Press the [Sleep] button to turn off the alarm.

Call Repeat Function

When the alarm goes off, press the [Repeat] button. After 9 minutes. the signal will restart.

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