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Funny congratulations for 10 years of wedding before tears

The tin wedding is the second round date infamily life. This holiday also has a second name - a pink wedding. The double name hides in itself two qualities that should be present at this time in the family union. Flexible tin symbolizes the fact that husband and wife for 10 years are so used to each other that half-word understand the wishes of their second half. The scarlet rose says that they retained a feeling of love and passion.

Funny congratulations for 10 years of wedding
Funny congratulations for 10 years of the weddingundoubtedly will please the spouses. On this day, the husband can give his wife a bouquet of roses, which consists of 10 red and 1 white rose. Red roses talk about love, and white - about the hope, the continuation of a long life together. Such a period of joint life shows a lot: the trust of the spouses, their love and mutual understanding, which have been tested for years.

On this day it is quite appropriate to arrange a holiday, andwhether it is a family party or a celebration in a restaurant, to decide the culprits of the celebration. Whatever the circumstances, funny congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding in 10 years will come in handy. Most often, a pink wedding is celebrated, grandly. So that later there was something to remember.

Congratulation from his wife

"Ten years is a long time. Liked, in our family life during this time there was much. Star wars, quarrels, accusations ... But all this is nothing compared to a wonderful feeling of weightlessness from love, happiness. And thank God that there were much more good moments. Now, with full confidence, I say that you are the best commander on our ship of family life. With you I'm ready to go into the space adventure of our married life for another 100 years. Congratulations, my dearest, with a tin wedding! "

Such a cool congratulation with a pink wedding in 10 years of marriage will not leave the husband indifferent.

Congratulation from his wife in prose

Funny congratulations for 10 years of the wedding
Funny congratulations for 10 years of wedding can be issued in the form of prose. Better, of course, write a verse yourself, but you can also use the finished product.

My love dear
Here you have lived 10 years with you.
Whoever said anything,
For me, you have discovered a new world.
The world of love, kindness and affection,
All painted in bright colors.
For this I thank you,
And further in your hands I give my life.
And you pamper me, kiss more often
After all, life is one, and it is ours!

Congratulation from her husband

Funny congratulations on the anniversary wedding 10 years
"The most beloved, dearest and best wife! On the day of our tin wedding, I want to try to express my feelings for you in words. I can not get a star from heaven, but I tried, and I will try to make every your day happy, so that it would be like flying among the clouds. For ten wonderful years that we lived together, I was convinced that I have the most extraordinary woman I love. I know that all the difficulties for us are solved, because we have each other! "

Funny congratulations for 10 years of wedding canbecome a romantic surprise that will make any wife feel touched. To do this, you need to organize an unexpected surprise in the form of a dinner in the restaurant, which will be accompanied by musicians, flowers, fruits, champagne, balls. All those present can be given a rose, so that they in turn give them with wishes or complement.

Greetings from parents

Funny congratulations for 10 years of wedding can also be from parents.
"Pink wedding is an important moment in lifeof a married couple. You have already experienced a lot together, and this proves your true love. Nevertheless, there are still so many important events, moments that you must meet hand in hand. I want to wish that you also feel joy for your children, as we are now rejoicing for you. We wish in the future to celebrate the golden wedding, at which not only our grandchildren will be present, but also great-grandchildren! "

Short congratulations

Short Funny Congratulations 10 Years Wedding
Short cool congratulations for 10 years of the wedding find their applications not only as wishes at the festive table, but also as SMS-congratulations. Here are some of them:

  • Year after year, it rushes like a dream,

Do not you need to live through the experience!

A decade is only a small moment,

I wish the spouses to live gold before the wedding!

  • Today is a special day for you,

Marriage strengthened even more.

I wish you much happiness.

Congratulations from friends!

  • Ten years ago, your hearts joined together, thatmade you happier than doubly. And while this feeling lives in your hearts, you will always be happy. Therefore, I want to wish an immortal love that will overcome everything. With an anniversary, my family!
  • Ten years of living together! How much and at the same time it is not enough! We congratulate you and wish to appreciate and be patient with each other!
  • On the anniversary of the wedding! Take care of your cozy nest, appreciate your happiness, and then every year it will grow, filling your life together with new vivid impressions!
  • Congratulations to a wonderful couple on your wedding anniversary! We wish such unearthly happiness about which all poets and philosophers of the world will write in their poems and aphorisms!
  • You look as if yesterday was just a weddinghave played. The most powerful test of love has always been and is time. Such real feelings as yours are capable of defeating the year! I sincerely congratulate you on this victory!
  • There is such a legend:"Love lights in the soul of God, it is like a fertile fire, which must be supported, thrown up firewood, otherwise it will quickly die out and love will pass." You are exactly aware of this secret, because for 10 years you care about each other! Advice to you and love, with an anniversary. I wish your love, which has not faded in 10 years, to inflame even more!

Options for organizing a pink wedding

Funny congratulations with a pink wedding 10 years
Ten-year anniversary of the wedding can be noted at home,and if the weather permits, then in nature. For those who want to celebrate the holiday on a grand scale, the best place is a café or a restaurant. Tamada will give importance to the event, as well as amuse the guests and guests. Do not forget about decorating the place of the holiday: flowers, balls, posters.

If the toastmasters are not at the festival, thentake care of yourself about the entertainment program, various competitions and competitions. Celebrating the anniversary is very similar to the wedding day: elegant clothes, oaths of love, the first dance. The organizer will ensure that the spouses are showered with cool congratulations in the 10 years of the wedding. What kind of wedding you decide to organize, remember that the main thing is a positive, good mood of the jubilee!

Ideas for the jubilee

Funny congratulations 10 years of wedding

Often those couples whose wedding is limitedjust a painting and a small celebration with the family, organize a magnificent celebration on the tenth anniversary. Some people go abroad not only to relax, but also to conduct a symbolic rite in the spirit of local customs on the ocean. If earlier the couple did not marry in the church, the 10-year anniversary could be the impetus for the sacrament of the wedding.

An interesting solution, which, of course,will please the guests, will be broadcasting a video or a slide show of photos of the perpetrators of the celebration. Creating such a video will be an excellent cool congratulation for 10 years of the wedding from children or close relatives.

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