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Than to treat lichen at cats? Ask a veterinarian!

Than to treat lichen at cats? This question often worries the owners. I believe that the answer to this question can only be given by a veterinarian. Of course, there are a lot of folk ways, but deprive - a dangerous disease. Unchecked methods can eliminate only the appearance, but not cure the disease. And this is dangerous for the animal, and for those who communicate with him. Therefore, if you find out that your pet has lichen, do not delay the time, do not torment the animal, and immediately go to a good vet.

than to treat lichen in cats

How does a feline

It is very easy to distinguish in appearance. In the affected animals, first, in some places, the fur begins to break and crumble. Already in this period you need to think about why this is happening, is it not time to turn to a specialist. The doctor will tell you what to treat the deprivation of cats, prescribe the necessary medications. If you do not start treatment, small spots quickly increase in size, the hair falls out more and more. Appear completely bald spots, which occupy an increasing area. The bare skin begins to burst and to hem. Cats are worried about severe itching, and they comb the affected areas. At this time it is too late to decide what to treat the deprivation of cats, it's time to take urgent measures. Sometimes deprive from animals transmitted to a person. Just do not confuse ringworm, transmitted from animals, and white lichen (photo), which most often occurs due to the lack of ultraviolet and the violation of vitamin metabolism.

Than to treat lichen at cats?

what does the cat's lishay look like

As already mentioned, the lichen should be treated by a veterinarian. If for some reason there is no way to provide medical assistance to an animal, you can try to cure it yourself. Begin several times a day to treat affected areas with "Mikoseptin", "Klotrimazol" ointments, and also introduce vaccines such as "Vakderm", "Microderm" or the like. Usually, these vaccines are administered to cats two times in a row, but uncontrolled vaccination can simply kill the pet. You can treat the animal with a spray called Bioparox. These drugs will relieve unpleasant symptoms, relieve itching, but can not completely cure the disease. Therefore, the cat still have to be attributed to the doctor. And the faster this happens, the better it will be for the animal. All items that were in contact with the pet's home, everything to which it touched, should be carefully treated with disinfectant solutions. It can be chlorhexidine or a chlorine solution. The diseased pet should be completely isolated, especially its contact with children is undesirable. To determine if the cure is finally cured, you can, just by passing the tests (sowing). It should be remembered: healthy animals perfectly resist infection. The presence of ringworm - a signal that the cat is very weak immunity and, most likely, there are diseases of the internal organs.

white lichen photo

If a person is infected

Noticing the first signs of ringworm inperson, it should be urgently sent to a dermatologist. He will assign an analysis (sowing), which will show which parasite caused the disease. Treatment should take place under compulsory medical supervision and be accompanied by strict adherence to hygiene rules. All contact with other people at the time of treatment is better to exclude.

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