/ Suspension bracket VAZ 2110 front. The manual on repair and replacement of a front suspension of the car VAZ 2110

Suspension of the VAZ 2110 front. The manual on repair and replacement of a front suspension of the car VAZ 2110

The article contains information on whichelements consists of the suspension VAZ 2110. The front, in particular, is built on the type of "MacPherson". This type of suspension is used in most front-wheel drive budget cars. It has both advantages and disadvantages. All this will be discussed in this article. Also, you will learn about the main elements, which make up the design of the front suspension "tens" and all other front-wheel drive cars VAZ.

Advantages of the suspension "Macpherson"

pendant front vase 2110

Among the advantages one can single out the simplicity andsufficient reliability. The stand performs the functions of both the shock absorber and the rotary mechanism. Please note that a swivel fist is welded to the shock absorber from the side. To it the fastening of the movable hinge of the steering tip is made. From below is the lower arm of the front suspension, it is connected to the hub by means of a ball bearing. The shock absorber rod rotates in the support bearing. It can be seen from the foregoing that there are only three movable hinges:

  1. Ball joint (bottom).
  2. Support bearing (top).
  3. The steering tip.

If compared with rear-wheel drive cars, the reliability of the suspension is higher, as is simplicity. But it is worth looking at and negative properties.

The disadvantages of the front suspension type "Macpherson"

a spring of a forward suspension bracket

It starts with the fact that this type of suspensionis designed for normal quiet driving on level roads. In other words, the VAZ 2110 suspension (front) is ideal for car operation in city mode. If you ride a lot off-road, then the suspension elements quickly fail. From this point of view, the two-arm type is much more effective. It is for this reason that a two-link suspension is used on off-road vehicles (for example, Niva cars). Despite the fact that it has a more complex design, it works more efficiently many times. Among the disadvantages of the suspension "Macpherson" can be identified and its rigidity. If this type of suspension is used, then the car should have very good sound insulation. And most importantly - all the plastic elements must hold firmly in their places. It is even advisable to use softening materials to minimize the number of squeaks and other sounds. And the cause of extraneous sounds can also be a worn spring front suspension. If it has insufficient length, then the work of the entire design is ineffective.

Shock absorber

The basis of the entire structure is depreciationrack. On it there is a spring of a forward suspension bracket. The work of the whole mechanism is most effective if these elements are in good condition. In particular, there should be enough oil inside the rack. A spring should not be "sagged". If the car is operated under severe conditions for a long time, then the length of the spring decreases gradually. Despite its apparent stiffness and strength, the turns become closer to each other. Even half a centimeter of drawdown will make itself felt - the entire suspension will not work effectively. This is one of the elements that make up the front suspension of the VAZ 2110. Repair it can be done even on their own. As for the shock absorber itself, try to keep it clean. In particular, it is necessary to change the anther, if it suddenly appeared incisions or cracks. The entry of even a small amount of dust will make itself felt very soon. The seal is sure to collapse, and the oil will start to come out.

Spherical bearing

lower front wishbone

To the hub is attached the front suspension arm of the VAZ2110 with the ball joint. If you turned to the reference literature, you may know that this site is practically invulnerable. It is difficult to break and lead to improper appearance. Unfortunately, the support still breaks. And in many respects its resource depends on the following factors:

  1. The manner of driving.
  2. Quality of the road surface.
  3. The original quality of the product.

Very often it is because of the failure of the ballthere is a knocking of the front suspension of the VAZ 2110. Moreover, it can be observed both when the vehicle is moving and when landing or disembarking passengers. And it does not matter how fast you move, in which direction you turn. But knocking in the suspension is not uncommon. And if it appeared because of the ball joint, the repair will not be very expensive.

Suspension arms

knocking of the front suspension vases 2110

In the design there is a system of levers,which allows the car to move as steadily as possible. In particular, the lower arm of the front suspension, which is fixed by means of a ball bearing to the hub, is one of the main elements. It is also attached to the body elements by means of rubber silent blocks. But here it should be noted one feature: the left and right sides of the car will work asynchronously, therefore, the whole body will start to "walk". Levers will not be able to ensure the stability of the car on the track when cornering and other maneuvers. To get rid of this unpleasant effect, it is necessary to install stabilizers. Note that such stabilizers are available both on the left and on the right side.

Support bearing

front suspension VAZ 2110 repair

This element allows for a mobileconnection of the shock absorber rod and car body. After all, do not forget that the shock absorber stands as a rotary mechanism. Consequently, it must rotate freely along the axis, having movable supports at the bottom and at the top. Support bearing is a simple hinge. According to the principle of action, it is similar to any other bearing. But the VAZ 2110 suspension (front) will not be able to function properly without it. Notice how this state is in this state. The fact is that when it breaks down, anything can happen. For example, a knock or grinding sound may appear. And if there is a jamming of the bearing, the steering wheel can not be turned at all. Therefore, try to replace it in a timely manner. Yes, it is not subject to repair, only the installation of a new element is required.


front suspension arm vase 2110

Steering rack type, to the racksthe fastening of the movable hinge of the tip is made. The principle of operation is very similar to the previously mentioned ball bearing. Even the design is similar in many respects, except for the fact that the steering tip has an attachment to the main thrust. It is carried out by means of two nuts and a long sleeve with an internal thread. They are necessary for precise adjustment of the angles of convergence of the wheels. If this setting is not carried out, excessive tire wear will be observed. In addition, it is possible that the car will drive to the side when driving even rectilinearly. For this reason, it is extremely important to timely adjust the camber angles and convergence of the front wheels. Otherwise, you will have to purchase new tires for the car.


From all of the above, you can docertain conclusions. First, the VAZ 2110 suspension is very simple in design. The front of the car has a minimum number of elements. Secondly, its repair is quite simple, no complications arise with it. Thirdly, this type of suspension can be effectively used in urban conditions. Unfortunately, in off-road mode this suspension has a low efficiency. But this does not detract from the advantages of the suspension. It is ideal for middle class cars, since it has a low cost and it is very simple to repair.

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