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How to Make Hair Thicker

Everyone wants to have beautiful and thick hair onhead. However, the density of hair depends on many factors, and first of all on the number of follicles on the scalp. According to scientists, on the average person's head is from 100 to 150 thousand follicles. In one day, a person usually loses up to a hundred hairs during normal development and growth of hair. In our modern life there are a huge number of factors that affect hair loss and make your hairstyle not so luxurious. Therefore, many women are concerned about the problem of how to make hair thicker.

Unfavorable climate and environment,perm, use of hot hair dryer, frequent stains, serious illnesses and severe stress - all these factors can lead to hair loss. Restoring hair growth and making them more dense can be applied by a variety of measures. To use such measures, you need to know how to make hair beautiful. Restore the beauty and density of hair can be from the inside, because the body often just does not have enough vitamins. For hair growth the main vitamins are vitamins A, B, C and E. Many products in which they are contained must be included in the daily diet. But to achieve tangible results, to monitor compliance with the menu will be quite strict. It will be simpler to buy ready-made vitamin complexes in the pharmacy, more often they are combined preparations that help improve skin condition, nails and hair growth. The sale is always a fairly large selection, both foreign and domestic production.

The fastest and most radical way to do ithair is voluminous, hair extension is considered. This procedure is carried out in the hairdresser's salon. Building can be done in cold and hot ways. With a hot build, a special device and capsules containing resin are used to fix the overhead strands. Cold hair extensions are performed using metal rings or glue. Hair thus grown on average keeps between two and six months. However, they require compliance with certain rules and regular care for them.

Learn how to make hair thicker helpsuse of folk remedies. One common method is the use of burdock oil. This is done by courses for the simultaneous care of scalp and hair. The use of burdock oil gives quite a noticeable effect: in the scalp the metabolism is restored, the capillary circulation is strengthened, the roots are strengthened, the nutrition and structure of the hair improves. Preliminary hair is washed with warm water and towel dried. Burdock oil is carefully rubbed into the roots of the hair, part of it is distributed evenly over the entire length of the hair. The head is covered with a shower cap and wrapped in a towel. An hour later, you need to wash your head with shampoo. Hairdressers note that this is one of the most effective measures to make hair thicker.

In your daily life, try carefullytake care of your hair, applying all the methods known to you. Try to massage the head more often, this provides a rush of blood to the follicles. It is advisable to do this in the morning and in the evening twice a day, the entire procedure should take about 20 minutes. Massage should be done in different directions with a massage brush. After washing your head, each time rinse your hair with a decoction prepared from medicinal herbs, this will stimulate hair growth. Try to use various tips how to make hair thicker, for example, once or twice a week it is good to do hair masks. For masks are suitable as professional means, and folk. Among folk methods, it is better to use medical masks with sage and chamomile.

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