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The drug "Dyufaston": instructions for use.

To their health, every woman should be approachedwith great responsibility. Now in the market of drugs there are many drugs that promise women to quickly return to a healthy and fulfilling life. I want to tell you about one of these medicines.

"Dyufaston" is a hormonal drug from the groupestrogens and gestagens, which is usually used to normalize pathological disorders associated with a deficiency of progesterone. It contains the active ingredient -didrogesterone, which replenishes a deficiency of progesterone in the body of a woman.

A drug is produced in tablets,which are taken orally. One tablet contains ten milligrams of dydrogesterone. The package contains twenty tablets of the drug "Dyufaston". Instructions for use with a full description of the medicine is located here.

"Dufaston" - instructions for use.

Successfully used this drug withendometriosis, in which the proliferation of the mucous membrane of the uterus. Infertility due to lack of lutein is also perfectly treated with Dufaston. Applying it will not only help you get pregnant, but also save the fruit.
In indications for the use of menstrual irregularities for various reasons, abnormal uterine bleeding.
Threat of miscarriage with drug useis reduced by half. Penetrating the body of a woman, it increases the amount of progesterone, thereby, effecting the arrest of the embryotoxic effect, which most often leads to miscarriage at the beginning of pregnancy. In addition, it prevents the onset of fetal hypoxia and placental insufficiency.
Relieves the condition of a woman in premenstrualsyndrome. It significantly increases the level of progesterone and reduces uterine contractions, which contributes to improving the overall well-being of the woman and eliminating swelling.
In the presence of any of the listeddiseases, it is recommended to take "Dufaston". The instructions for use, contained in the package, describe in detail the treatment regimens for each specific disease. The dose should be evenly distributed for the whole day, and if different doses are prescribed, it is recommended to start taking with the biggest dose.
Duphaston, unlike other similar drugs, does not contain testosterone and therefore has fewer side effects. It does not affect the condition of the hair, skin and does not increase the weight.

Special instructions.

You can not prescribe hormone replacement therapy without a complete medical examination, including a gynecologist's doctor. Regular passage of mammography is recommended.

Contraindications for the use of the drug.

This drug should never be prescribedwomen with the syndrome of Rotor and Dabin-Johnson. If you have an intolerance to one of the components of the drug "Dyufaston", the indications for use should only come from the treating doctor.
In addition, it is contraindicated for epilepsy, migraine, kidney disease and diabetes.
During pregnancy, "Dyufaston" is absolutelysafe for both the future mommy and her baby. But with breastfeeding, you should temporarily switch to artificial nutrition, since the drug is allocated to the mother's milk.

Side effects.

During treatment, some patients report slight uterine bleeding, which is not associated with menstruation. To prevent this, it is necessary to increase the dose of the medicine.

This unique medicinal product is simplyIt is necessary to use at a disadvantage of a hormone of a progesterone. "Dyufaston" has nothing to do with contraceptives. When it is used for therapeutic purposes, the result is visible practically immediately and does not affect ovulation and menstrual cycle. It increases the chance of becoming pregnant and bearing the long-awaited child. Doctors and pharmacists argue that the demand for Duphaston has recently increased. Instructions for use, read carefully, will give you an answer to the question: "Why is this drug so popular?"

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