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What is "Nootropil"? Reviews about the drug are ambiguous

Nootropil is a medicinal product that affects the central nervous system and improves a person's ability to learn, strengthens memory, focuses, increases mental performance.

What is the secret of the drug Nootropil? This drug can change the rate at which excitation in the brain is spread, improve the metabolic processes occurring in nerve cells, and microcirculation of blood in the body.

The drug "Nootropil" improves cerebral blood flow and strengthens the connection between the hemispheres of the brain.

This drug is sometimes prescribed for treatmentpsychoorganic syndrome. This is especially true of elderly patients with reduced memory and concentration of attention, but with general activity, which suffer from dizziness and behavioral disorders. Also, the drug "Nootropil" will benefit people with Alzheimer's disease.

The consequences of ischemic stroke - such asviolation of speech and emotional sphere, lowering of mental and motor activity - can cure the drug "Nootropil". Reviews on the Internet confirm this. Doctors prefer this imported product to domestic counterparts. Many people who survive a stroke write about the positive impact on them of the drug "Nootropil". Reviews about piracetam, a similar drug, are mostly not that good.

Nootropil is recommended for patients with chronic alcoholism, they are often treated with psycho-organic and abstinence syndromes.

The drug is taken by people with coma in the recovery period from trauma and brain intoxication.

Nootropil is prescribed for the treatment of dizzinessvascular genesis. This drug is part of the complex therapy of cortical myoclonia, sickle cell anemia, treatment of low learning in children with a diagnosis of psychoorganic syndrome.

The drug "Nootropil" is contraindicated in people withacute violation of cerebral circulation. It can not be used at the terminal stage of renal failure. A solution of nootropil is not given to children under one year old, and tablets and capsules are prescribed to children who have already reached the age of three years. Hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug can also become a serious contraindication to the use.

What can be learned in the press and the Internet about the drug"Nootropil"? Reviews of people who accepted it, sometimes contradict each other. Many people have tried to take this drug to increase mental capacity in the tense and difficult periods of their lives. Some complained of drowsiness and lethargy during the day after using this medication. However, others admired the effect of the drug, noting the increased concentration and improvement of mental activity as a result of treatment.

But so people wrote about the drug, who took itwithout the doctor's instructions. But what do patients who have been prescribed "Nootropil" for the treatment of serious illnesses say? Reviews about this drug are good. He helped many people to treat vegetative-vascular dystonia, cerebral palsy, when recovering from craniocerebral trauma. Well speak about medicines and those who drank it on the recommendations of psychologists to increase mental activity. In many cases, the drug "Nootropil" for children is useful. The testimonies indicate that this tool helped many schoolchildren to postpone a difficult examination period. However, do not take these drugs without consulting a doctor. As a rule, no medicine is suitable for all people without exception. Nootropil - this is not a universal natural remedy like valerian, it is a serious drug for the treatment of diseases. If its use does not give the desired results, but on the contrary, causes drowsiness, then this is not your drug. Ask your doctor to write you something else.

This article is written on the basis of the official andunofficial information about the preparation "Nootropil". Instruction, reviews on the Internet and in the press, the statements of doctors at the forums can be good helpers for choosing their drug. However, nothing can replace a professional consultation with a doctor who knows your situation and writes out exactly the medicine that suits you.

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